Training Program at ACTREC

Through its Training Program, ACTREC provides hands on training in research methodologies as well as the opportunity to use specific high-end technologies in routine use at the Centre. This program also plays a vital role in creating in the minds of bright, young students an awareness about the cutting-edge research carried out at the Centre, and the opportunities available for pursuing cancer research as a career. Trainees are accepted at the Centre round the year. Since trainee positions are keenly sought, individuals are advised to send in training requests well in advance. The Centre charges Observership/ Training fees from students and staff of private colleges and institutions. Three types of training opportunities are available at ACTREC.

Observership (≤15 days)

  • Request from the head of an academic/ research institution seeking Observership for his/her faculty/ staff in the conduct of specific techniques. Hands-on work is not allowed.

Summer Training (4-8 weeks)

  • Undergraduate students seeking research exposure during their college's summer break.

Short Term Training

  • 1-3 months
  • Request from the head of an academic/ research institution for training his/her faculty, staff or student in the use of a specific technology that he/ she plans to use in the parent institution.

  • 3-6 months, extendable in exceptional cases

    • Postgraduate/ undergraduate students whose college curriculum necessitates a dissertation get the opportunity to work on small scientific queries under the close supervision of scientists or clinicians at ACTREC. College recommendation letter is mandatory.
    • Individuals who have completed their academic studies and are not presently employed who seek exposure to the research milieu are also accepted as trainees at ACTREC.

Admission Procedure

Individuals who wish to join the Centre as a Trainee or an Observer are urged to go through the ACTREC website to know more about the research programs of the Principal Investigators and groups at the Centre []. The email enquiry must be sent directly to the scientist/ clinician they would like to work with (contact details of each investigator are given on his/her own webpage), mentioning the period (start and end dates) for which training is sought, the reason for seeking training or a statement of purpose, and attaching a soft copy of their curriculum vitae.