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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 11th April 2022 Vol. No. 11; Issue No. 521

1. Shetty D, Talker E, Dhamne C, Mohanty P, Chaubal K, Tembhare P, Patkar N, Subramanian PG, Moulik NR, Narula G, Banavali S (2022). Copy number gain of JAK2 on marker chromosome in a case of relapsed pediatric B-ALL. Pediatric Blood and Cancer.

2. Singh AG, Singhavi H, Sharin F, Lakdawala M, Mhatre S, Deodhar J, Chaturvedi P, Dikshit R (2022). Cross-sectional and longitudinal mental health status prevailing among COVID-19 patients in Mumbai. India. Indian Journal of Community Medicine. 47(1): 55-60.

3. Mulla SW, Venkatraman P (2022). Novel nexus with NFκB, β-catenin, and RB1 empowers PSMD10/Gankyrin to counteract TNF-α induced apoptosis establishing its oncogenic role. International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology.

4. Gupta T, Nayak P, Baviskar Y, Gupta M, Moiyadi A, Epari S, Janu A, Purandare N, Rangarajan V, Bagal B, Chatterjee A, Goda J (2022). Systemic inflammatory biomarkers in primary central nervous system lymphoma versus high-grade glioma: exploratory, comparative and correlative analysis. CNS Oncology.

5. Patil V, Noronha V, Joshi A, Menon N, Mathrudev V, Bhattacharjee A, Chandrasekharan A, Vallathol D, Dsouza H, Srinivas S, Mandal T, Chaturvedi P, Chaukar D, Pai P, Nair S, Thiagrajan S, Laskar S, Nawale K, Babanrao Dhumal S, Tambe R, Banavali S, Prabhash K (2022). RMAC study: A randomized study for evaluation of metronomic adjuvant chemotherapy in recurrent head and neck cancers post salvage surgical resection in those who are ineligible for re-irradiation. Oral Oncology.

6. Swain M, Kannan S, Srinivasan S, Agarwal JP, Gupta T (2022). Concurrent cetuximab-based bioradiotherapy versus cisplatin-based chemoradiotherapy in the definitive management of favourable biology human papillomavirus-associated oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma: systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical Oncology.

7. Ojha S, Poojary M, Mokalikar U, Sumathi SH, Kumar A, Gupta A, Saha S (2022). The determinants of donor safety and product quality in optimization of apheresis granulocyte harvest: An experience from a tertiary care oncology centre in India. Transfusion and Apheresis Science.

8. Ambulkar, R, Rana P, Starr N, Moore J (2022). Perioperative health care provider safety and resource availability during the COVID-19 pandemic in India and other low middle-income countries,. Indian Journal of Anaesthesia. 66(3):220-223.

9. Joshi R, Thomas M, Patkar S, Gupta AM, Panhale K, Rane PP, Ambulkar R, Goel M, Shrikhande SV, Agarwal V (2022). Impact of enhanced recovery pathway in 408 gallbladder cancer resections. HPB (Oxford). 24(1):47-56.

10. Singh P, Ambulkar R, Gupta A, Maji M (2022). Timely diagnosis and intervention in a case of portal vein thrombosis, Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology.

11. Thorat R (2022). LAS around the globe: Laboratory animal science in India: ‘Where we are’. Laboratoy Animals.

12. Rao AR, Kumar S, Dhekale R, Krishnamurthy J, Mahajan S, Daptardar A, Ramaswamy A, Noronha V, Gota V, Banavali S, Prabhash K (2022). Timed Up and Go as a predictor of mortality in older Indian patients with cancer: An observational study. Cancer Research Statistics and Treatment .5 :75-82.

13. Shukla S, Agarwal U, Patil V, Rane S, Menon N, Noronha V, Patil V, Prabhash K, Mahajan A (2022). Diagnostic quandary over a cheek(y) neoplasm. Cancer Research Statistics and Treatment.5: 131-135.

14. Laskar SG, Sinha S, Pai DP, Nair D, Budrukkar A, Swain M, Kimar A, Moiyadi A, Shetty P, Roy V, Johnny C, Murthy V, Gupta T, Menon N, Patil V, Noronha V, Joshi A, Prabhash K, Agarwal JP (2022). Definitive and adjuvant radiation therapy for external auditory canal and temporal bone squamous cell carcinomas: Long term outcomes. Radiotherapy Oncology.

Book Chapters
1. Sarkar D, Dutt S (2022). ROS Signaling in Brain Tumor. In: Chakraborti S. (Ed.) Handbook of Oxidative Stress in Cancer: Therapeutic Aspects. Springer, Singapore. ISBN (978-981-16-1247-3-242-1)

2. Singh M, D’Silva S (2022). "Genetic counseling for HLA typing for finding a donor for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation". In: Dave U (Ed), Shetty D (Co-Ed) Genetic Counseling: Clinical and laboratory Approach. New Delhi; Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. Pp. 417-424. (ISBN 978-93-5465-212-7).

Shalaka Arun Masurkar. 2022. Deciphering functional role of the genetic alterations in medulloblastoma, a common malignant brain tumour in children. (HBNI: LIFE09201304004) (Guide: Prof. Neelam Shirsat)

Site of the Week

ExplorEnz contains the approved International Union of Biochemistry (IUBMB) Enzyme nomenclature and classification list.

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Interesting Reads

Gershman A, Sauria MEG, Guitart X, Vollger MR, Hook PW, Hoyt SJ, Jain M, Shumate A, Razaghi R, Koren S, Altemose N, Caldas GV, Logsdon GA, Rhie A, Eichler EE, Schatz MC, O'Neill RJ, Phillippy AM, Miga KH, Timp W. Epigenetic patterns in a complete human genome. Science. 376(6588):eabj5089.

Legends of Science
Shree Kumar Apte Shree Kumar Apte

Shree Kumar Apte obtained his Ph.D. degree from Gujarat University in 1985. His major research focus was on the molecular mechanisms underlying the tolerance of bacteria and plants to environmental stresses and their biotechnological applications. His other contributions are in diverse fields like physiology, biochemistry, ecology, molecular genetics, developmental biology, and biotechnology. Dr. Apte coordinated a DAE-sponsored multi-institutional research project entitled "Thermal Ecological Studies" to assess the possible impact of thermal effluents from operating nuclear power plants on aquatic ecosystems. Dr. S K Apte received the International Cyanobacterial Biotechnology Young Scientist award (1996) and; the INS-2206 award from the Indian Nuclear Society (2007).

Bhudev Chandra Das Bhudev Chandra Das

Bhudev Chandra Das received his Ph.D. from the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, in 1982. He pioneered the work on HPV in India and established the prevalence of HPV in cervical cancer as one of the highest in the world. He showed that highly oncogenic HPV type 16 was exclusively prevalent in India. Several new, cost-effective molecular diagnostic methods, including the most simple dry 'Paper Smear' technique, have been developed by him for early detection and population screening of cervical cancer. He is the pioneer of HPV research in India and selected as an advisor from South East Asian region for the Global HPV vaccine program. Dr. Das is the recipient of the Dr. BC Roy national award; J.C. Bose Fellowship. He is a Fellow of the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), Geneva; National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad; Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore; and Indian Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

Upcoming Events
World Congress on Cancer Research and Therapy

25-26 April, 2022

At Paris, France.

Annual Oncofertility Consortium Conference 2022

02-04 May, 2022

At Pittsburgh, PA, USA

The 20th International Symposium on Pediatric Neuro-Oncology

12-15 June, 2022

At Hamburg, Germany

Do You Know?

In 1996, FDA approved anastrozole (Arimidex) as a treatment for breast cancer. This drug blocks the production of estrogen.

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Cancer News
Biodegradable gel boosts immune system's attack on several cancers in mice

06 April 2022, ScienceDaily

The gel, tested in mice, releases drugs and special antibodies that simultaneously deplete immune-blocking cells called macrophages from the surgical site and activate T cells so they can attack cancer...

New screening technique set to radically speed up hunt for cancer-fighting drugs

07 April 2022, EurekAlert

Scientists have developed a new technique to accelerate the discovery of cancer-fighting drugs. The technique identifies molecules that can shut down dangerous proteins before they wreak disease-triggering havoc, by blocking them from interacting with a cell’s DNA...

Researchers identify immunosuppression as a key factor leading to colorectal cancer development

07 April 2022, MedicalXpress

Interactions between cells of the immune system and pre-cancerous cells are known to be important contributing factors to the initiation and progression of cancer...

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