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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 17 May 2021 Vol. No. 10; Issue No. 475

1. Desai S, Rane A, Joshi A, Dutt A. IPD 2.0: To derive insights from an evolving SARS-CoV-2 genome. BMC Bioinformatics. 22(1): 247.

2. Das D, Maitra A, Panda CK, Ghose S, Roy B, Sarin R, Majumder PP (2021). Genes and pathways monotonically dysregulated during progression from normal through leukoplakia to gingivo-buccal oral cancer. NPJ Genomic Medicine. 6(1):32.

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Interesting Reads

Martin TJ, Johnson RW. Multiple actions of parathyroid hormone-related protein in breast cancer bone metastasis. Br J Pharmacol. 178(9):1923-1935, 2021.

Legends of Science
Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow Srish Chandra Seal

Srish Chandra Seal obtained his DSc (1980) from Mumbai University. His specialization was in the areas of Epidemiology and Immunology. He worked successfully on plague. He discovered cholera exotoxin from which a vaccine was prepared to help eradicate the disease. He also worked on epidemic dropsy. He was Chairman, IIFWHE, Population Education and Family Welfare Institute, Kolkata. He was a member of WHO Plague Research Committee. He was conferred with The Coated Medal (1952), by University of Kolkata, Leadership recognition in Public Health by American Public Health Association. He was elected Fellow, American College of Physicians, Chairman, International Medical Science Academy, President, Medical section, Indian Science Congress.

Andreas Vesalius Anil Ramanbhai Sheth

Anil Sheth obtained PhD from Mumbai University. His specialization was in Reproductive Biology, Endocrinology and Biochemistry. His main research was on Regulation of male and female fertility, Purification, assay and mechanism of hormone action in protein hormones, Sperm physiology. He isolated and characterized inhibin, consisting of 94 amino acid residues. It has applications in detection and therapy of prostatic cancer. He was the Director, Institute for Research in Reproduction, Mumbai. Dr. Sheth was the recipient of the Basanti Devi Amirchand Award (1987). He was elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, Maharashtra Academy of Sciences and Gujarat Academy of Science.

Do You Know?

In 2012,Two seminal studies reveal the presence of mutations affecting the histone H3 genes in paediatric high-grade gliomas, including glioblastomas.

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Cancer News
Cancer has ripple effect on distant tissues

13 May 2021, ScienceDaily

A new study with zebrafish shows that a deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma alters the metabolism of healthy tissues elsewhere in the body. The research suggests that these other tissues could potentially be targeted to help treat cancer...

Study finds lasofoxifene a promising treatment for resistant breast cancer

13 May 2021, MedicalXpress

In a study carried out in mice at the University of Chicago, researchers found that lasofoxifene outperformed fulvestrant, the current gold-standard drug, in reducing or preventing primary tumor growth...

New research optimizes body's own immune system to fight cancer

14 May 2021, EurekAlert

A ground breaking study led by engineering and medical researchers at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities shows how engineered immune cells used in new cancer therapies can overcome physical barriers to allow a patient's own immune system to fight tumors...

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