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Date Image 1 February 2021 Vol. No. 10; Issue No. 460

1. Budhraja A, Pandey S, Kannan S, Verma CS, Venkatraman P (2021). The polybasic insert, the RBD of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, and the feline coronavirus – evolved or yet to evolve, Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports. 25: 10907

2. Gupta A, Ojha S, P Nagaraju, Poojary M, Sumathi SH, Sathyan V, Ansari A (2021). Impact of the Novel Coronavirus Disease and Lockdown on the Packed Red Blood Cells Inventory Management: An Experience from a Tertiary Care Oncology Center in Western India. Hematology, Transfusion and Cell Therapy.

3. Borah P, Mirgh S, Sharma S, Bansal S, Dixit A, Dolai T, Lunkad S, Gupta N, Singh G, Jain A, Bansal D, Choudhary D, Khandelwal V, Doval D, Kumar M, Bhargava R, Chakrabarti A, Kalashetty M, Rauthan A, Kazi B, Mandal P, Jeyaraman P, Naithani R. AIIMS Hematology Alumni Group. Effect of age, comorbidity and remission status on outcome of COVID-19 in patients with hematological malignancies. Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases. 87: 102525.

4. Mal A, Bukhari AB, Singh RK, Kapoor A, Barai A, Deshpande I, Wadasadawala T, Ray P, Sen S, De A (2021). EpCAM-Mediated Cellular Plasticity Promotes Radiation Resistance and Metastasis in Breast Cancer. Frontiers in Cell Developmental Biology.

5. Murthy V, Maitre P, Kannan S, Panigrahi G, Krishnatry R, Bakshi G, Prakash G, Pal M, Menon S, Phurailatpam R, Mokal S, Chaurasiya D, Popat P, Sable N, Agarwal A, Rangarajan V, Joshi A, Noronha V, Prabhash K, Mahantshetty U (2021). Prostate-Only Versus Whole-Pelvic Radiation Therapy in High-Risk and Very High-Risk Prostate Cancer (POP-RT): Outcomes From Phase III Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Clinical Oncology.

6. Mhatre S, Richmond RC, Chatterjee N, Rajaraman P, Wang Z, Zhang H, Badwe R, Goel M, Patkar S, Shrikhande SV, Patil PS, Davey Smith G, Relton CL, Dikshit RP (2021). The Role of Gallstones in Gallbladder Cancer in India: A Mendelian Randomization Study. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention.

7. Waghmare M, Qureshi T, CM Krishna, Pansare K, Gadewal N, Hole A, Dongre P (2021). β-Lactoglobulin-gold nanoparticles interface and its interaction with some anticancer drugs – an approach for targeted drug delivery. Journal of Biomolecular and Structural Dynamics

8. Lewis S, Chopra S, Singh R, Engineer R (2021). A survey of the practice of stereotactic body radiotherapy for hepatocellular and pancreatic malignancies in India. Indian Journal of Cancer.

9. Loyal A, Chopra S, Goel M, Mehta S, Patil P, Patkar S, Shrivastava S, Engineer R (2021). Predictors of toxicity after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced gall bladder cancer. Indian Journal of Cancer.

10. Punatar S, Kalantri SA, Chichra A, Agrawal AK, Nayak L, Bonda A, Gokarn A, Bagal B, Mathew L, Kannan S, Khattry N (2021). Pre-transplant use of tyrosine kinase inhibitors and transplant associated thrombotic microangiopathy - a single centre analysis of incidence, risk factors and outcomes. Bone Marrow Transplantation.

11. Tripathy B, Pal K, Shabrish S, Mittra I (2021). A New perspective on the origin of DNA double-strand breaks and its implications for ageing. Genes.

12. Achrekar MS, Murthy V, Kannan S (2020). Are Patient’s Satisfied With Nurses’ Communication? A Cross Sectional Survey. HSOA Journal of Practical and Professional Nursing. 4: 021

Mythreyi Narasimhan (2020). Proteomic profiling of leukemic cells in Philadelphia chromosome positive leukemia (HBNI No.: LIFE09201304016) (Guide: Rukmini Govekar).

Site of the Week

Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) is designed to serve the biomedical research community. NIF maintains the largest searchable collection of neuroscience data, the largest catalog of biomedical resources, and the largest ontology for neuroscience on the web.

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Interesting Reads

Minhas PS, Latif-Hernandez A, McReynolds MR, Durairaj AS, Wang Q, Rubin A, Joshi AU, He JQ, Gauba E, Liu L, Wang C, Linde M, Sugiura Y, Moon PK, Majeti R, Suematsu M, Mochly-Rosen D, Weissman IL, Longo FM, Rabinowitz JD, Andreasson KI (2021). Restoring metabolism of myeloid cells reverses cognitive decline in ageing. Nature.

Legends of Science
Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow Amiya Bhuson Kar

Amiya Bhushon Kar obtained his PhD from the university of Edinburgh, UK. His areas of specialization were reproductive physiology and contraception. He investigated the effect of heavy metals on reproduction. He conducted pioneering studies on intra-vas deferens device (1964) and intrafallopian tube devie (1966). His work resulted in the discovery of potent antifertility activity in chemical structures like benzofurans, napthofurans, chromans. His studies on the role of thyroid led to the demonstration of a direct ‘thyroprostatic axis’, the thyroid hormone being responsible for keeping the prostatic sensitivity to endrogen and estrogen. He received Padma Shri (1972). He was a recipient of PN Raju Award of ICMR(1966), FICCI award (1972), Asian Society Medal (1972).

Andreas Vesalius Chelakara Sivarama Vaidyanathan

Vaidyanathan obtained his PhD from University of Madras (1954). His specializations were Biochemistry, Enzymology. He contributed in the understanding of the metabolism of aromatic compounds, elucidated new pathways, discovered new enzymes with novel types of mechanism of action. He obtained evidence for the involvement of superoxide anions in certain enzyme-catalyzed reactions. Vaidyanathan was Dean, Faculty of Science, at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (1974-75). He was awarded with PS Sarma Memorial Award by Society of Biological Chemists (1975), J C Bose Award (1976).

Do You Know?

In 2009, A technique was developed wherein single stem cells or single crypt structures from intestinal crypts can generate ‘organoids’—in vitro structures with the architecture of, and all differentiated cell types present in, organ structures. The development of tumour organoids has since facilitated basic and preclinical studies across many cancer types.

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Cancer News
Gall bladder cancer high in areas where people have gall stones

26 January 2021, Times of India

Gall bladder cancer is associated with high death rates as there is no effective treatment,’’ said Prof Rajesh Dikshit of TMC’s Centre for Cancer Epidemiology, who last week published a study establishing a causal link between gall bladder cancer and gall stones. “It is hence best to look at ways to prevent it,’’ he said...

Blood-based biomarkers could improve detection of breast cancer

14 January 2021, Technology Networks

Patrick Pirrotte, an Assistant Professor and Director of TGen's Collaborative Center for Translational Mass Spectrometry, and an international team of researchers developed a test that can detect infinitesimally small breast cancer biomarkers that are shed into the bloodstream from cells surrounding cancer known as extracellular matrix (ECM)…

Scientists find key function of molecule in cells crucial for regulating immunity

28 January 2021, ScienceDaily

Scientists discovered that AIM2 is important for the proper function of regulatory T cells, or Treg cells, and plays a key role in mitigating autoimmune disease. Treg cells are a seminal population of adaptive immune cells that prevents an overzealous immune response, such as those that occurs in autoimmune diseases…

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