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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 1st November 2021 Vol. No. 10; Issue No. 499

1. Srinivasan S, Gurram L, Johny C, Chopra S, Dheera A, Baheti A, Popat P, Sable N, Rangarajan V, Mahantshetty U (2021). Validation and applicability of para-aortic lymph nodal contouring atlas in cervical cancer. Radiotherapy and Oncology.

2. Chargari C, Arbyn M, Leary A, Abu-Rustum NR, Basu P, Bray F, Chopra S, Nout R, Tanderup K, Viswanathan A, Zacharipoulou C, Soria JC, Deutsch E, Gouy S, Morice P (2021). Increasing global accessibility to high-level treatments for cervical cancers. Gynecologic Oncology.

Site of the Week

Gramene is a curated, open-source, integrated data resource for comparative functional genomics in crops and model plant species.

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Interesting Reads

Easley TO, Ren Z, Kim B, Karczmar GS, Barber RF, Pineda FD. Enhancement-constrained acceleration: A robust reconstruction framework in breast DCE-MRI. PLOS One. 16(10):e0258621, 2021.

Legends of Science
Sachi Mohan Mukerjee Sachi Mohan Mukerjee

Sachi Mohan Mukerjee obtained his DSc from the University of Kolkata in 1960. He developed a phage-typing technique for Vibrio Cholerae for epidemiological use in detecting the sources of origin and lines of the spread of cholera epidemics. His significant work on developing a live oral cholera vaccine using a nonpathogenic Vibrio eltor stain provided sure protection for cholera. Dr. Mukerjee served on WHO. He was a Life Member, Association of microbiologists of India. Association of Medical Microbiologists of India. He was a Member of New York Academy of Sciences and the American Society for Microbiology. He was the recipient of the Watumull Award in 1962; Amrut Modi Research Foundation Award in 1970.

Ram Behari Lal Ram Behari Lal

Ram Behari Lal obtained his MBBS degree from Panjab University, Lahore, in 1919. He studied epidemiological problems concerned with epidemic dropsy, cholera, plague, tuberculosis, malaria, relapsing fever, cerebrospinal fever, and hookworm disease. He showed how mustard oil is adulterated with Argemone Mexicana seed, looking very similar to a mustard seed, which causes epidemic dropsy. Dr. Lal, through extensive field investigations, obtained bacteriological evidence for the existence of cholera carriers in the human population. He served as the Epidemiologist, and was the Officiating Director, All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Kolkata. He received Minot Medal in 1950 and was a Fellow of the Asiatic Society and Indian Medical Association.

Do You Know?

In, 1955 Emil J. Freireich, and colleagues designed the first scientific clinical trial for combination Cancer chemotherapy.

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Cancer News
Adjuvant immunotherapy approved for some patients with lung cancer

26 October 2021, ScienceDaily

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the immunotherapy drug atezolizumab (Tecentriq) as an additional, or adjuvant, treatment after surgery and chemotherapy for some patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)...

Gene signature identifies drivers of treatment resistance in metastatic breast cancer

28 October 2021, EurekAlert

A multi-institution team of researchers led by scientists at Baylor College of Medicine has discovered a genetic signature that can identify drivers of poor outcomes in advanced estrogen-receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer, which could one day lead to personalized treatment for patients...

Chromosome aberrations may predict risk of severe chemoradiotherapy side effects

29 October 2021, MedicalXpress

Japanese researchers identified chromosome aberrations as a new biomarker in predicting an esophageal cancer patient's risk of experiencing severe chemoradiotherapy side effects...

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