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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 22 February 2021 Vol. No. 10; Issue No. 463

1. Jain H, Shetty D, Moulik N, Narula G, Subramanian PG, Banavali S (2021). A novel case of intrachromosomal amplification and insertion of RUNX1 on derivative chromosome 2 in pediatric AML. Cancer Genetics.

2. Kumar S, Vahanwala S, CM Krishna, Waghmare M, Pagare S, Santosh V, Shetty N, Reema M, Bhutani H, Gavand K (2020).Salivary spectrum evaluation with Raman's Spectrometer. International Journal of Dentistry Research. 5(3): 126-130.

3. Bhagatram J, Krishamurthy MN, Awase A, Joshi A,Patil V, Noronha V, Prabhash K, Gota V. Validation of a novel causality assessment scale for adverse events in non-small cell lung carcinoma patients treated with platinum and pemetrexed doublet chemotherapy. Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety.

4. Murthy V, Bakshi G, Manjali JJ, Prakash G, Pal M, Joshi A, Dholkia K, Bhattacharjee A, Talole S, Puppalwar A, Srinivasan S, Panigrahi G, Salunkhe R, Menon S, Noronha V, Prabhash K, Krishantry R (2021). Locoregional recurrence after cystectomy in muscle invasive bladder cancer: Implications for adjuvant radiotherapy. Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations.

5. Forester R, Zwahlen D, Buchali A, Tang H, Schroeder C, Windisch P, Vu E, Akbaba S, Bostel T, Sparve T, Zamboglou C, Zilli T, Stelmes J-J, Telkhade T, Murthy V (2021). Stereotactic body radiotherapy for high-risk prostate cancer: A systematic review. Cancers. 13(4):759.

6. Ghosh J, Joy Phillip DS, Ghosh J, Bajpai J, Gulia S, Parmar V, Nair N, Joshi S, Sarin R, Budrukkar AN, Wadasadawala T, Desai SB, Shet T, Patil A, Sawant SP, Dhir AA, Kembhavi S, Popat P, Hawaldar R, Kembhavi Y, Perumal P, Banavali SD, Badwe RA, Gupta S. Survival outcomes with 12 weeks of adjuvant or neoadjuvant trastuzumab in breast cancer. Indian Journal of Cancer.

7. Patil VM, Singhai P, Noronha V, Bhattacharjee A, Deodhar J, Salins N, Joshi A, Menon NS, Abhyankar A, Khake A, Dhumal SB, Tambe R, Muckaden MA, Prabhash K (2021). Effect of early palliative care on quality of life of advanced head and neck cancer patients: A phase III Trial. Journal of National Cancer Institute.

Site of the Week

The MEGARes database contains sequence data for approximately 8,000 hand-curated antimicrobial resistance genes accompanied by an annotation structure that is optimized for use with high throughput sequencing.

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Interesting Reads

Watson MJ, Vignali PDA, Mullett SJ, Overacre-Delgoffe AE, Peralta RM, Grebinoski S, Menk AV, Rittenhouse NL, DePeaux K, Whetstone RD, Vignali DAA, Hand TW, Poholek AC, Morrison BM, Rothstein JD, Wendell SG, Delgoffe GM. Metabolic support of tumour-infiltrating regulatory T cells by lactic acid. Nature. 2021.

Legends of Science
Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow Nripendra Chandra Ganguli

Nripendra Chandra Ganguli obtained DSc from the University of Calcutta (1956). His areas of specializations were biochemistry and dairy chemistry. His work was related to milk proteins, biochemistry and preservation. He worked on biosynthesis of ascorbic acid in rats, development of analytical techniques like paper chromatography, radio autography, formulation of infant food through appropriate chemical and biochemical tailoring to simulate human milk. He was Director, National Dairy Research Institute. Ganguli served as member, International Dairy Federation, Brussels. He is the recipient of Professor SC Roy Commemoration Medal (1982). P.Bhattacharya Memorial Prize and Lecture Award (1988).

Andreas Vesalius Padmanabhan Subbarao Krishnan

Padmanabhan Subbarao Krishnan obtained PhD from the Cornell University, USA (1947). His area of specialization was biochemistry. He worked on animal tissues including enzyme induction and allosterism with special reference to enzymes of purine/pyrimidine metabolism. He also worked on biochemistry of angiospermic parasites. Krishnan was a fellow of Royal Institute of Chemistry (London), member of Society of Plant Physiologists (USA), Biochemical Society (London).

Do You Know?

The first combination vaccine was composed of diphtheria vaccine and tetanus toxoids and was licensed for paediatric use in 1947.

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Cancer News
Researchers develop algorithm to find possible misdiagnosis

15 February 2021, EurekAlert

The researchers have developed the algorithm based on disease trajectories for 284,000 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), from 1994 to 2015. Based on these data, they came up with approximately 69,000 typical disease trajectories...

Combination treatment for common glioma type shows promise in mice

16 February 2021, ScienceDaily

Researchers tested a novel combination treatment approach on mice with tumors with characteristics similar to human astrocytomas and found tumor regression in 60 percent of the mice treated. These encouraging results could be the first step toward developing a treatment for this type of brain cancer...

Cosmetic laser may boost effectiveness of certain anti-cancer therapies

17 February 2021, MedicalXpress

The researchers found that exposing the melanoma cells to ultraviolet radiation caused them to take on more mutations, which made immune checkpoint inhibitors more effective at boosting the immune response against the melanomas...

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