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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 24th January 2022 Vol. No. 11; Issue No. 510

1. Gupta, S, Chopra S, Nair N. (2022) Improving outcomes of women's cancer in India: A multidisciplinary multisectoral approach. Indian Journal of Medical Research.

2. Chakraborty A, Bose R, Bose K. (2022) Unraveling the dichotomy of enigmatic serine protease HtrA2. Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences.

3. Parui A, Singh N, Dutta S, Bose K. (2022) Role of conserved regulatory loop residues in allosteric propagation of serine protease HtrA2. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.

4. Moitra P, Chatterjee A, Kota PK, Epari S, Patil V, Dasgupta A, Kowtal P, Sarin R, Gupta T. (2022) Temozolomide-induced myelotoxicity and single nucleotide polymorphisms in the MGMT gene in patients with adult diffuse glioma: A single-institutional pharmacogenetic study. Journal of Neuro-oncology.

5. Dasgupta A, Gupta T, Maitre M, Kalra B, Chatterjee A, Krishnatry R, Goda JS, Shirsat N, Epari S, Sahay A, Janu A, Pungavkar S, Chinnaswamy G, Patil V, Moiyadi A, Shetty P, Jalali R. (2022) Prognostic impact of semantic MRI features on survival outcomes in molecularly subtyped medulloblastoma. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie.

6. Pawar A, Chowdhury OR, Chauhan R, Talole S, Bhattacharjee A. (2022) Identification of key gene signatures for the overall survival of ovarian cancer. Journal of Ovarian Research. 15:12.

Site of the Week

GigaDB contains large number of discoverable, trackable, and citable datasets that have been assigned DOIs and are available for public download and use.

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Interesting Reads

Du Y, Cortez A, Josefsson A, Zarisfi M, Krimins R, Liapi E, Nedrow J. (2022) Preliminary evaluation of alpha-emitting radioembolization in animal models of hepatocellular carcinoma. PLoS ONE 17(1): e0261982.

Legends of Science
Kuppamuthu Dharmalingam Kuppamuthu Dharmalingam

Kuppamuthu Dharmalingam obtained his Ph.D. from the Madurai Kamraj University, Tamil Nadu. He was the first to discover the induction of mutagenic DNA repair during the restriction of non-glycosylated T4 DNA in Escherichia coli, a gram negative bacterium. He is an elected fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, India. Dr. Dharmalingam was the recipient of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award in 1992.

Asis Datta Asis Datta

Asis Datta secured a Ph.D. from Kolkatta University in 1968. He has done pioneering work in the field of molecular biology. His research on Candida Albicans, a pathogenic yeast that causes candidiasis, an infection to humans, resulted in designing a drug to combat the disease. He made essential contributions in identifying and manipulating novel genes, which led to the production of transgenics of high societal value. Professor Datta was the Founder Director of the National Insitute of Plant Genome Research. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards like the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award in 1980; the TWAS award in 1996; Padma Shri in 1999, and Padma Bhushan in 2008.

Upcoming Events
International Conference on Clinical Oncology

07-08 February, 2022

Virtual, at Melbourne Australia.

The Structural Microenvironment: Breaking down the walls of cancer

22-23 February, 2022

Virtual, by European Association for Cancer Research (EACR).

7th Annual West Oncology Conference

25-26 February, 2022

Virtual, at Memphis, TN.

Do You Know?

In 2009 ,a study showed that a new immunotherapy known as chimeric antiGD2 antiboty ch14.18 can reduce risk of recurrence and also increase survival for patients with high risk neuroblastoma.

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Cancer News
Cancer treatment with Proton Therapy at ACTREC Kharghar soon

21 January 2022, Free Press Journal

The cost of treatment with Proton Therapy in the US ranges between Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.5 crores. However, the treatment at ACTREC Kharghar will be available at a subsidized rate…

Optical imaging highlights metabolic interactions that make pancreatic tumor cells grow

21 January 2022, MedicalXpress

Optical imaging highlights metabolic interactions The researchers combined pancreatic cancer cells and PSCs into an organoid model, a 3D cell culture environment within a gel-like matrix structure that more closely mimics the biology of a live organ or tumor...

To stop blood cancer, target the bone

19 January 2022, Sciencedaily

To stop acute myeloid leukemia, one of the deadliest blood cancers, targeting neighboring bone cells may be a better strategy than directly targeting the cells that give rise to the disease, suggests a new Columbia study...

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