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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 26 July 2021 Vol. No. 10; Issue No. 485

1. Rath S, Elamarthi P, Parab P, Gulia S, Nandhana R, Mokal S, Kembhavi Y, Perumal P, Bajpai J, Ghosh J, Gupta S (2021). Efficacy and safety of palbociclib and ribociclib in patients with estrogen and/or progesterone receptor positive, HER2 receptor negative metastatic breast cancer in routine clinical practice. PLoS One. 16(7):e0253722.

2. Bhati M, Balakrishna G, Joshi K, Bhattacharya K, Bal M, Ghosh Laskar S, Sinha S, Joshi A, Joshi P, Nair S. Fibromatoses of head and neck: Case series and literature review. Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal. 12(3): e0022.

3. Gupta A, Ojha S, Nagaraju P, Poojary M, Ravatale A (2021). Plateletpheresis Donation through donor awareness, motivation, and recruitment drives: A unique concept and experience from a tertiary care oncology centre in India. Transfusion Clinuque et Biologique.

4. Mirgh S, Sharma A, Shaikh M, Kadian K, Agrawal N, Khushboo V, Mehta P, Ahmed R, Bhurani D (2021). Hypomethylating agents+venetoclax induction therapy in acute myeloid leukemia unfit for intensive chemotherapy - novel avenues for lesser venetoclax duration and patients with baseline infections from a developing country. American Journal of Blood Research. 11(3): 290-302.

Book Chapter

Thorat R. "Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) in the Laboratory Mouse. In: Nagarajan P, Gudde R, Srinivasan R. (Ëds) Essentials of Laboratory Animal Science: Principles and Practices. Singapore; Springer, 2021. Pp. 679-707. ( ISBN 978-981-16-0987-9)

Site of the Week

RNAcentral is a free, public resource that offers integrated access to a comprehensive and up-to-date set of non-coding RNA sequences.

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Interesting Reads

Pearson JD, Huang K, Pacal M, McCurdy SR, Lu S, Aubry A, Yu T, Wadosky KM, Zhang L, Wang T, Gregorieff A, Ahmad M, Dimaras H, Langille E, Cole SPC, Monnier PP, Lok BH, Tsao MS, Akeno N, Schramek D, Wikenheiser-Brokamp KA, Knudsen ES, Witkiewicz AK, Wrana JL, Goodrich DW, Bremner R. Binary pan-cancer classes with distinct vulnerabilities defined by pro- or anti-cancer YAP/TEAD activity. Cancer Cell. 2021.

Legends of Science
Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow Satyendra Nath Chakravarti

Satyendra Nath Chakravarti obtained his DPhil from the University of Oxford, UK. His research synthesized several isomers of tetrahydroberberine, a new synthesis method of substituted phthalonic acids, pseudo-propionic acid, etc. He worked on methods used in medico-legal and forensic work. He established the technique of determining arsenic content in human bones and ashes, analyzing various opium preparations, and estimating cocaine in mixtures. Dr. Chakravarti was a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.

Andreas Vesalius Bihari Lal Bhatia

Bihari Lal Bhatia completed his DSc degree from Punjab University in 1932 and his primary focus of the research was on microscopic studies in protozoology. He was known for his expertise in the morphology and taxonomy of protozoa. He authored Treatise Fauna of British India, in which he described 310 species of freshwater and parasitic ciliates and an account of 320 species of parasitic protozoa. Dr. Bhatia was the President of the Zoology section of the Indian Science Congress in 1931. He was a Fellow of the Zoological Society of India and Royal Microscopical Society UK.

Do You Know?

In 2012, Smart-seq, a method to generate high-coverage transcriptomes from single cells, was used to analyse the full-length messenger RNA transcriptomes of circulating tumour cells from a patient with melanoma. The study opened the possibility of genome wide transcriptomic profiling of individual cells.

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Cancer News
Cell couriers deliver clue to cancer metastasis

21 July 2021, EurekAlert,

A protein involved in making cells move offers a clue to how certain types of cancer metastasize and develop into secondary tumours, according to new research from the University of Warwick...

New approach eradicates breast cancer in mice

22 July 2021, ScienceDaily

A new approach to treating breast cancer kills 95 to 100 percent of cancer cells in mouse models of human estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancers and their metastases in bone, brain, liver and lungs. The newly developed drug, called ErSO, quickly shrinks even large tumors to undetectable levels...

Indian study makes case for screening ovarian cancer patients for BRCA gene mutations

22 July 2021, The News Minute

An Indian study has made a case for screening women with ovarian, primary peritoneal or fallopian tube cancer and those who have a family history of it, to be screened for BRCA gene mutations. Two mutations of the BRCA or Breast Cancer gene BRCA1 and BRCA2 have been found to impact an individual’s chances of developing breast cancer as well as ovarian cancer. The lead author of the study is Dr Sudeep Gupta...

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