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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 03 May 2021 Vol. No. 10; Issue No. 473

1. Kamp MA, Malzkorn B, von Sass C, DiMeco F, Hadjipanayis CG, Senft C, Rapp M, Gepfner-Tuma I, Fountas K, Krieg SM, Neukirchen M, Florian IȘ, Schnell O, Mijderwijk HJ, Perin A, Baumgarten P, van Lieshout JH, Thon N, Renovanz M, Kahlert U, Spoor JKH, Hänggi D, McLean AL, Mäurer M, Sarrubbo S, Freyschlag CF, Schmidt NO, Vergani F, Jungk C, Stein M, Forster MT, Weinberg JS, Sinclair J, Belykh E, Bello L, Mandonnet E, Moiyadi A, Sabel M (2021). Proposed definition of competencies for surgical neuro-oncology training. Journal of Neurooncology.

2. McDonald JA, Rao R, Gibbons M, Janardhanan R, Jaswal S, Mehrotra R, Pandey M, Radhakrishnan V, Ramakant P, Verma N, Terry MB (2021). Symposium report: breast cancer in India-trends, environmental exposures and clinical implications. Cancer Causes and Control.

3. Patkar N, Rajpal S, Shetty N, Gokarn A, Mirgh S, Munipally S, Nair S, Joshi A, Murthy V, Khattry N, Gupta S (2021). Detection of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is influenced by the type of transport medium: Implications for diagnosis and monitoring. International Journal of Clinical Practice.

Site of the Week

Genomic Data Commons (GDC) provides the cancer research community with a unified data repository that enables data sharing across cancer genomic studies in support of precision medicine.

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Interesting Reads

Yankova E, Blackaby W, Albertella M, Rak J, De Braekeleer E, Tsagkogeorga G, Pilka ES, Aspris D, Leggate D, Hendrick AG, Webster NA, Andrews B, Fosbeary R, Guest P, Irigoyen N, Eleftheriou M, Gozdecka M, Dias JML, Bannister AJ, Vick B, Jeremias I, Vassiliou GS, Rausch O, Tzelepis K, Kouzarides T. Small molecule inhibition of METTL3 as a strategy against myeloid leukaemia. Nature, 2021.

Legends of Science
Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow Asok Ghosh

Asok Ghosh obtained his PhD degree (1955) from the University of Calcutta. He specialized in comparative endocrinology and histochemistry. He worked on correlation of avian phylogeny with epinephrine-norepinephrine ratio. He discovered differential pattern of synthesis, storage and release of adrenomedullary catechol hormones depends upon neruohormonal modulation. His contribution brought to light the etiology of resistance of avian diabetogenesis. He was a Visiting Endocrinologist, University of California, Berkeley, USA. He was Assistant Professor, Veterinary College, Kolkata. He was the National member of International Union of Biological Sciences, International committee for Avian endocrinology. He was the recipient of JC Bose Award (1979), Joy Gobind Law Medal (1984). He was Founder Fellow of Asia and Oceannia Society for Comparative endocrinology.

Andreas Vesalius Mahdi Hasan

Mahdi Hasan obtained his MBBS and MS (with Honours in Anatomy)(1963) from Lucknow University. He went on German Exchange Fellowship (DAAD) to Goettingen to learn electron microscopy and neuroanatomy(1965). He further investigated age associated changes in the brain, mapping regional distribution and heterogeneity of neuronal lipofuscin (age pigment). He was the Director, Interdisciplinary Brain Research Centre. He set up a Central Electron Microscope facility at Aligarh. He was the President, Indian Academy of Neurosciences, Anatomical Society of India, and Association of Gerontology. He was on the International Advisory Board of Neurotoxicology (USA). He was the recipient of BC Roy National Award(1991), Ativishisht Chikitsa Medal of College of Chest Physicians of India (1995), and Dr Bachhawat Life-Time achievement award of Indian Academy of Neurosciences(2004).

Do You Know?

In 2011, A study of more than 50,000 people at high risk of lung cancer showed that screening with low-dose helical computed tomography can decrease mortality from lung cancer.

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Cancer News
Breakthrough in the understanding of a protein with a key role in several cancers

28 April 2021, EurekAlert

Elevated function of the cell-protecting membrane protein Bcl-2 can promote cancer and cause resistance to cancer treatment. Developing an understanding of the way it does this could inform the development of anti-cancer drugs…

Single-cell CRISPR technology deciphers role of chromatin accessibility in cancer

29 April 2021,

The new method harnesses the programmability of the gene editing system CRISPR to knock-out nearly all chromatin-related genes in parallel, offering researchers deeper insights into the role of DNA accessibility in cancer and in rare diseases involving chromatin....

Avocado discovery may point to leukemia treatment

29 April 2021, MedicalXpress

A compound in avocados may ultimately offer a route to better leukemia treatment, says a new University of Guelph study. The compound targets an enzyme that scientists have identified for the first time as being critical to cancer cell growth...

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