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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 7 March 2022 Vol. No. 11; Issue No. 516

1. Khanna N, Kumar A, Sehra N, Ghosh -Laskar S, Mummudi N, Gupta T, Tibdewal A, Pathak R, Wadasadawala T, Krishnatry R, Chopra S, Goda J, Chatterjee A, Budrukkar A, Gurram L, Engineer R, Murthy V, Swain M, Laskar S, Sarin R, Agarwal J (2022). Compliance of radiotherapy treatment at a tertiary cancer center in India—A clinical audit. Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology. 43(1): 84-91.

2. Anand K, Mishra G, Pimple S, Biswas S, Kulkarni V, Salunkhe G (2022). Cross-sectional study of HPV self-sampling among Indian women— A way forward. Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology. 43(1): 103-108.

3. Kulkarni R, Gupta S, Maheshwari A (2022). Gynecologic Oncology: On the Shoulders of Giants. Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology. 43(1): 34-39.

4. Singh A, Nair N, Gupta S, Parmar V, Prabhu A, Hawaldar R, Badwe R (2022). Effect of menopausal status on chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: Single-institution retrospective audit. Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology. 43(1): 68-72.

5. Ostwal V, Ramaswamy A, Gota V, Bhargava P, Srinivas S, Shriyan B, Jadhav S, Goel M, Patkar S, Mandavkar S, Naughane D, Daddi A, Nashikkar C, Shetty N, Ankathi S, Banavali S (2022). Phase I Study Evaluating Dose De-escalation of Sorafenib with Metformin and Atorvastatin in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (SMASH). The Oncologist

Site of the Week

Clinical Genomic Database (CGD) is a manually curated database of conditions with known genetic causes, focusing on medically significant genetic data with available interventions.

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Interesting Reads

Ma T, Tian X, Zhang B, Li M, Wang Y, Yang C, Wu J, Wei X, Qu Q, Yu Y, Long S, Feng JW, Li C, Zhang C, Xie C, Wu Y, Xu Z, Chen J, Yu Y, Huang X, He Y, Yao L, Zhang L, Zhu M, Wang W, Wang ZC, Zhang M, Bao Y, Jia W, Lin SY, Ye Z, Piao HL, Deng X, Zhang CS, Lin SC. Low-dose metformin targets the lysosomal AMPK pathway through PEN2. Nature. 603(7899):159-165, 2022.

Legends of Science
Jaya Sivaswami Tyagi Jaya Sivaswami Tyagi

Jaya Tyagi obtained her doctorate from the University of Delhi in 1979. During her association with AIIMS, New Delhi, she contributed to the research areas of Molecular Biology, Mycobacteriology, and Gene Regulation. Her specialization was molecular pathogenesis regarding dormancy adaptation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. She has developed novel technologies for diagnosing TB and drug resistance relevant to India’s national strategic plan for TB elimination. She is a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, Indian Academy of Sciences, Indian National Science Academy. Dr. Tyagi received many prestigious awards - P.S.Sarma Memorial Award; Dr. Kona Sampath Kumar Memorial Prize; New Millenium Science Medal of Indian Science Congress; National Women Bioscientist Award.

Sarala Karumuri Subbarao Sarala Karumuri Subbarao

Sarala Subbarao obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1973. She specialized in Insect Genetics, Cytogenetics, Molecular Entomology and Epidemiology. She had a keen interest in malaria research and focused on the biology of malaria vectors and parasites and the epidemiology of malaria, which was also extended to other mosquito-borne diseases. Her research provided a new dimension to malaria epidemiology and control. She served on many Expert/Advisory committees of the WHO, ICMR institutes, DBT, DRDO. Dr. Subbarao was an elected Fellow of the Indian Society of Malaria and Other Communicable Diseases. She was recipient of the Dr. MOT Iyengar Memorial Award for Malaria Research; Best Scientist Award for research on Environmental Aspects of Vector-Borne Diseases by the NAVBD.

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Asia Pacific Cancer Congress

18-20 May, 2022

At Cordelia- Cruises, India

American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 25th Annual Meeting

16-19 May, 2022

In person and Virtual, at Washington, D.C.

Gordon Research Conference on Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and Beyond: Lessons and Learnings from Virus-Associated Carcinomas

8-13 May, 2022

At Rey Don Jaime Grand Hotel, Spain

Do You Know?

In 2005, The National Cancer Institute launched The Cancer Genome Atlas Project, with an intial goal of mapping the genome of ovarian, brain and lung cancers.

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Cancer News
New precision technology for immunotherapy

28 February 2022, EurekAlert

The method developed by the research team, ‘Tumour Surfaceome Mapping, TS-MAP’, makes it possible to carry out a direct analysis of all accessible cell surface tumour antigens in tumour tissue from patients...

'Drug factory' implants eliminate ovarian, colorectal cancer in mice

02 March 2022, ScienceDaily

Bioengineers have shown they can eradicate advanced-stage ovarian and colorectal cancer in mice in as little as six days with a treatment that could be ready for human clinical trials later this year...

Scientists discover molecule that kills pancreatic cancer cells

03 March 2022, MedicalXpress

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) cells are predisposed to ferroptosis, a recently identified type of cell death triggered by iron that has become a focal point of cancer research...

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