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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 8th November 2021 Vol. No. 10; Issue No. 500

1. Budukh A, Chaudhary D, Sancheti S, Dora T, Goel A, Singla A, Sali A, Shinde S, Chauhan K, Kadam P, Mohammad R, Kapoor R, Chaturvedi P, Dikshit R , Badwe R(2021) Determinants of completion of cancer directed treatment: an experience from a rural cancer centre, Sangrur, Punjab state, India. ecancer. 15:1313.

2. Pantvaidya G, Joshi S, Nayak P, Kannan S, Desouza A, Poddar P, Prakash G, Vijaykumaran P, Nair D, Vaish R, Patkar S, Niyogi D, Joshi P, Chaudhari V, Sigh V, Mathews S, Pramesh CS, Badwe R, Puri A (2021). Surgical Site Infections in patients undergoing major oncological surgery during the COVID-19 paNdemic (SCION): A propensity-matched analysis. Journal of Surgical Oncology.

3. Murthy V, Maitre P (2021). A nodal risk cutoff for whole pelvic radiotherapy for prostate cancer? Lancet Oncology. 22(11):e467.

4. Khurud P, Krishnatry R, Telkhade T, Patil A, Prakash G, Joshi A, Pal M, Noronha V, Menon S, Bakshi G, Prabhash K, Murthy V (2021). Impact of Adjuvant Treatment in pN3 Penile Cancer. Clinical Oncology (R Coll Radiol).

5. Mahantshetty U, Naga P, Nachankar A, Ghadi Y, Dheera A, Scaria L, Epili D, Chopra S, Lavanya G, Shrivastava S (2021). Set-Up Errors, Organ Motion, Tumour Regression and its Implications on Internal Target Volume-Planning Target Volume during Cervical Cancer Radiotherapy: Results from a Prospective Study. Clinical Oncology (R Coll Radiol).

Book Chapters

1. Shetty D. " Pedigree Charting and Inheritance: Essential for Genetic Counseling" Chapter 3, Part I- Basics of Genetics. In: Dave U (Ed), Shetty D (Co-Ed) Genetic Counseling: Clinical and laboratory Approach. 1st Edition. New Delhi; Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers( P) Ltd., 2022. Pp. 34-41. (ISBN 978-93-5465-212-7).

2. Shetty D, Dave U. "Intellectual Disability: A Challenge to Genetic Counselling" Chapter 11, Part II- Genetic Counseling; Section 2- Genetic Counseling in Development Disabilities.In: Dave U (Ed), Shetty D (Co-Ed) Genetic Counseling: Clinical and laboratory Approach. 1st Edition. New Delhi; Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers( P) Ltd., 2022. Pp. 131-149. (ISBN 978-93-5465-212-7).

Site of the Week

bioDBnet is an online web resource that provides interconnected access to many types of biological databases.

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Interesting Reads

Sun X, Wu B, Chiang HC, Deng H, Zhang X, Xiong W, Liu J, Rozeboom AM, Harris BT, Blommaert E, Gomez A, Garcia RE, Zhou Y, Mitra P, Prevost M, Zhang D, Banik D, Isaacs C, Berry D, Lai C, Chaldekas K, Latham PS, Brantner CA, Popratiloff A, Jin VX, Zhang N, Hu Y, Pujana MA, Curiel TJ, An Z, Li R. Tumour DDR1 promotes collagen fibre alignment to instigate immune exclusion. Nature, 2021.

Legends of Science
Vishwa Gopal Jhingran Vishwa Gopal Jhingran

Dr. Vishwa Gopal Jhingran obtained his P.h.D from Stanford University, California, in 1948. He made significant contributions to the development of new concepts of aquaculture. His work on composite fish culture in freshwater and prawn and mullet culture in brackish waters was a major breakthrough in inland aquaculture in India. He has also made a significant contribution to the age and growth studies of Cirrhinus mrigala, an Indian major carp. He has worked on the problem of depletion of fisheries of Chilka Lake, which led to the formulation of clear cut measures for the development of fisheries of the lake. Dr. Jhingran has helped raise the productivity of fish in experimental aquaculture operations in ponds, which provided a practical method of boosting the country's inland fish production. He developed the technology for composite fish culture technique named "Aquaplosion". He was the President of the Inland Fisheries Society of India. He was an elected fellow of the National Academy of Sciences of India in 1969 and a Fellow of the Zoological Society of India in 1970. Dr. Jhingran received Padma Shri Award in 1977. He was awarded the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Memorial Award for outstanding contribution fish culture in 1972.

Pabitra Kumar Maitra Pabitra Kumar Maitra

Pabitra Kumar Maitra obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Calcutta in 1959. At the Johnson Research Foundation for Medical Physics, University of Pennsylvania, USA, he worked on the metabolism of glucose and ethanol in diverse systems. His significant contribution was on the pathways of glucose dissimilation in the S. Olivaceous. He did breakthrough research in yeast biochemical genetics. He isolated and characterized structural and regulatory mutations affecting all the enzymes of the glycolytic pathway of yeast. He served as the Professor of Molecular Biology at TIFR, Mumbai; Emeritus Scientist at IIT, Mumbai; and Visiting Professor at Agharkar Research Institute, Pune. Dr. Maitra was awarded the Jagdish Chandra Bose Medal in 1992.

Do You Know?

In 2009, Hagan Bayley’s group showed that an engineered version of the bacterial channel protein α-haemolysin can be used for ordered continuous detection of cleaved nucleotides that were electrophoresed through the pore.

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Cancer News
Researchers identify molecule that blocks immune cells from entering and killing breast tumors

03 November 2021, ScienceDaily

Researchers have identified a key molecule in certain kinds of breast cancers that prevent immune cells from entering tumors and killing the cancer cells inside. This research could pave the way toward a new treatment for certain kinds of aggressive breast cancer...

Ibrutinib improves survival for younger people with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

04 November 2021, National Cancer Institute

Initial results from that study, known as the PHOENIX trial, showed that combining ibrutinib with the standard chemotherapy regimen did not help patients with a form of DLBCL called non-GCB DLBCL to live longer overall...

Google doodle pays tribute to Dr Kamal Randive, Indian cell biologist known for her work with cancer

08 November 2021, FirstPost

Google has marked the 104th birth anniversary of Indian cell biologist Dr Kamal Ranadive today, 8 November, with a doodle. She is known for her novel research on cancer and her devotion towards creating a more unbiased society through education and science...

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