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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 10 July 2023 Vol. No. 12; Issue No. 586

1. Chakravorty G, Ahmad S, Godbole MS, Gupta S, Badwe RA, Dutt A (2023). Deciphering the mechanisms of action of progesterone in breast cancer. Oncotarget. 14: 660-667.

2. Prinja S, Dixit J, Gupta N, Dhankhar A, Kataki AC, Roy PS, Mehra N, Kumar L, Singh A, Malhotra P, Goyal A, Rajsekar K, Krishnamurthy MN, Gupta S (2023). Financial toxicity of cancer treatment in India: towards closing the cancer care gap. Frontiers in Public Health. 11:1065737.

3. Barua SA, Choudhary RK, Gawde J, Mishra N, Varma AK (2023). Structural dynamics of clinically-reported VUS in the BARD1 ARD-BRCT region to predict the molecular basis of alterations. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics.

Rashmi Puja. 2023. Understanding the role of VRK2A in regulation of apoptosis and cancer. (LIFE09201504007) (Guide: Dr. Kakoli Bose)

Site of the Week

The RNAfold web server will predict secondary structures of single stranded RNA or DNA sequences.

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Interesting Reads

Guo C, You Z, Shi H, Sun Y, Du X, Palacios G, Guy C, Yuan S, Chapman NM, Lim SA, Sun X, Saravia J, Rankin S, Dhungana Y, Chi H. SLC38A2 and glutamine signalling in cDC1s dictate anti-tumour immunity. Nature. 2023.

Legends of Science
Prasad Mata Prasad Mata

Prasad Mata obtained his DSc from Banaras Hindu University in 1925. His research topic involved the electrical conductivity of aqueous solutions of sodium aluminate and the correlation of magnetic susceptibility with the structure of complex molecules. He did pioneering work on the phenomena of sol-gel transformations in silicic acid and thorium phosphate systems. He was a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Science, Bengaluru; the National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad; the Indian Chemical Society and the Royal Institute of Chemistry (UK).

T R Govindachari T R Govindachari

Tuticorin Raghavachari Govindachari received his PhD from the University of Madras in 1956. His specialization was Organic Chemistry. He explained the isolation and structure of a broad spectrum of natural products like alkaloids, terpenoids, oxygen heterocycles and other classes. His additional contribution includes the synthesis of heterocycles like isoquinolines, phenanthridines etc. He received the S S Bhatnagar Award (1960); the P C Ray Lifetime Achievement Award from the Chemical Research Society of India. He was a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru; Member of the American Chemical Society and the Swiss Chemical Society.

Upcoming Events
Membrane Fusion and Budding

24-27 September, 2023

At Estes Park, Colorado, USA.

Inter-organelle Contacts Biology

01-06 October, 2023

At Fiuggi, Italy.

Innovations in Cancer Prevention and Research Confernce

02-03 October, 2023

At Galveston, Texas.

Do You Know?

In 1918, Physicist Gioacchino Failla, who worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering, developed the first external-beam radium therapy device, known as a “radium element pack.” The device was used to treat cancers located in the chest, brain, and abdomen.

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Cancer News
NIH study offers insights into how cells reverse their decision to divide

05 July 2023, National Cancer Institute

A new study suggests that cells preparing to divide can reverse this process and return to a resting state, challenging long-held beliefs about cell division. If interrupted early in their preparation to divide, cells were able to halt the division process, known as mitosis...

A two for one approach to boost melanoma immunotherapy

05 July 2023, MedicalXpress

To find ways to boost immunotherapy in melanoma, the research team analyzed data from patient tumors to identify genes that may coincide with patients' responsiveness to immunotherapy. This led to the identification of a protein that helps tumors evade the immune system called NR2F6 which was found not only in tumor cells, but also in the surrounding noncancerous cells...

New single-cell study provides novel insights into gastric cancer

06 July 2023, EurekAlert

By obtaining single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) data from 68 gastric adenocarcinoma samples encompassing various disease stages including precancerous lesions, localized tumors and distant metastases along with normal tissue and peripheral blood samples, the team characterized the diverse immune and stromal cell populations within the tumor microenvironment and discovered exploitable targets to modulate the tumor microenvironment...

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