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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 13 February 2023 Vol. No. 12; Issue No. 565

1. Ecker S, Kirisits C, Schmid M, De Leeuw AAC, Seppenwoolde Y, Knoth J, Trnkova P, Heilemann G, Sturdza A, Kirchheiner K, Spampinato S, Serban M, Jürgenliemk-Schulz IM, Chopra S, Nout R, Tanderup K, P¨otter R, Eder-Nesvacil N (2023). Tools for large-scale data analytics of an international multi-center study in radiation oncology for cervical cancer. Radiotherapy and Oncology.

2. Mani S, Chatterjee A, Dasgupta A, Shirsat N, Epari S, Chinnaswamy G, Gupta T (2023). WNT-pathway medulloblastoma: what constitutes low-risk and how low can one go? Oncotarget. 14: 105-110.

3. Pagdhune A, Kashyap R, SivaPerumal P, Balachandar R, Viramgami A, Sarkar K (2023). Occupational exposure of vehicular emissions and cardiorespiratory risk among urban metropolitan bus drivers: A cross-sectional comparative study. Work.

Site of the Week

Genomes Online Database (GOLD) is a World Wide Web resource for comprehensive access to information regarding genome and metagenome sequencing projects, and their associated metadata, around the world.

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Interesting Reads

Karimi E, Yu MW, Maritan SM, Perus LJM, Rezanejad M, Sorin M, Dankner M, Fallah P, Doré S, Zuo D, Fiset B, Kloosterman DJ, Ramsay L, Wei Y, Lam S, Alsajjan R, Watson IR, Roldan Urgoiti G, Park M, Brandsma D, Senger DL, Chan JA, Akkari L, Petrecca K, Guiot MC, Siegel PM, Quail DF, Walsh LA (2023). Single-cell spatial immune landscapes of primary and metastatic brain tumours. Nature.

Legends of Science
Trymbak Shankar Mahabale Trymbak Shankar Mahabale

Trymbak Shankar Mahabale obtained his PhD from the University of Mumbai in 1939. He specialized in palaeobotany. He made significant contribution to the discovery of palms of India, fossil speices of a Latiferum fern. He carried out detailed study of anatomy of roots in forty important species of living palms and found that it is possible to resolve the fossil root genus Rhizopalmoxylon into its components on the basis of anatomical characters. Mahabale was the recipient of the Birbal Sahni Medal in 1978. He was a fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Sciencesll; President of Indian Botanical Society (1968). He was the President of Indian Science Congress; Vice-President, Palaeobotany Section, International Botanical Congress, Paris (1954).

Panchanan Maheshwari Panchanan Maheshwari

Panchanan Maheshwari obtained his DSc from the University of Allahabadin 1931. His research topics included the development of gametophytes and embryo of Boerhaavia diffusa and causes of sterility in Albizzia lebbek. He discovered a new type of tetrasporic, 16-nucleate embryosac in Acalypha Indica. Several taxas were named after him, as a tribute to his role in Indian Botany. He was the General President Indian Science Congress Association in 1963. He was the Fellow, Royal Society of London; Indian Academy of Sciencs, Bangalore'; National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad; Foreign Member, Kaiserliche Deutsche Akademic des Naturforscher Leopoldina; Deutsche Botanishcer Gesselschaft.

Upcoming Events
XXI Annual Conference Evidence Based Management of Cancers in India 2023

24-26 February, 2023

At Rustom Chowksi Auditorium, G. J. Block, Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai 400 012

Myeloid Cells: Development, Diversity and Distinct Biological Roles.

16-19 April, 2023

At Snowbird Resort, Utah, United States.

ESMO Breast Cancer 2023

11-13 May, 2023

At Berlin, Germany.

Do You Know?

In 2010, FDA approved sipuleucel-T, a cancer treatment vaccine that is made using a patient's own immune system cells (dendritic cells), for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer that no longer responds to hormonal therapy.

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Cancer News
India’s largest blood cancer treatment centre to come up in Kharghar.

11 February 2023, Hindustan Times

The central government is developing the country’s largest blood cancer treatment centre at the Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC), Kharghar campus of Tata Memorial Centre (TMC). The Hematolymphoid Cancer Centre, the largest centre in the country to cater to blood cancer patients will be commissioned by the end of 2024, increasing the bed strength to 930 as envisaged...

Bacteria may cause anti-immunotherapy activity in patients with lung cancer

09 February 2023, Pharmacy Times

Researchers observed that killer T cell activity could be reactivated in the mice who were treated with an antibody that blocks interferon gamma...

Combination of immune cells could provide clearer prognoses for cancer

09 February 2023, EurekAlert

Based on the presence of the macrophage and one type of T cell, the researchers developed a prognostic method which they named a Signature of Immune Activation, or SIA. They also found a correlation between SIA and disease progression in cancer of the large intestine and rectal cancer, but also several other of the most common cancer forms...

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