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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 16 January 2023 Vol. No. 12; Issue No. 561

1. Parui AL, Bose K (2023). Purification of hetero-oligomeric protein variants using a modified tandem affinity purification approach. STAR Protocols. 4(1): 102036.

2. Anjikar A, Jadhav P, Hole A, Panneerselvam R, Ingle A, Yamamoto T, Noothalapati H, CM Krishna (2023). Removal of hemolysis interference in serum Raman spectroscopy by multivariate curve resolution analysis for accurate classification of oral cancers. Sensors and Diagnostics.

Site of the Week

Lung Cancer Explorer is an open web portal to explore gene expression and clinical associations in lung cancer.

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Interesting Reads

Siegel RL, Miller KD, Wagle NS, Jemal A. Cancer statistics, 2023. CA Cancer J Clin. 2023.

Legends of Science
W M Vaidya W M Vaidya

W M Vaidya obtained his PhD from the University of London, UK. His areas of research were optics and spectroscopy. His significant achievement was the discovery of a new band system named after him in the spectra of hydrocarbon flame. He was Assistant Director Optics Division, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. Dr Vaidya was elected President of the Physics Section Indian Science Congress.

Ajit Ram Verma Ajit Ram Verma

Ajit Ram Verma received his PhD from the University of London in 1952. He did pioneering research on the direct measurement of metric thicknesses of Blodgett-Langmuir molecular films. He made significant contributions in the field of crystal growth and the study of lattice imperfections, including establishing an X-ray diffraction topography facility for the investigation of single crystals of technologically important crystals. Dr Verma received the S S Bhatnagar (1964) and Padma Bhushan (1982). He was the elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and the National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad.

Upcoming Events
Collective Cell Migration: From In Vitro to In Vivo

19-22 February, 2023

At Buxted Park, East Sussex, UK

ESMO Sarcoma and Rare Cancers Congress 2023

20-22 March, 2023

At Lugano, Switzerland.

Tumour Metabolism: Current Understanding and Opportunities for Novel Drug Discovery

28-31 March, 2023

At Noida, India.

Do You Know?

In 1955, Emil J. Freireich and colleagues designed the first scientific clinical trial for combination cancer chemotherapy.

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Cancer News
CAR T cell therapy may eliminate tumor cells missed by surgery

11 January 2023, EurekAlert

Researchers applied a special gel containing human CAR T cells to surgical wounds in mice following partial tumor removal. They found that in almost all cases, the CAR T cells apparently eliminated the residual tumor cells allowing the mice to survive when they otherwise would have succumbed to tumor recurrence...

Scientists identify gene target to boost effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy

12 January 2023, MedicalXpress

The gene codes for a protein called TANK-binding kinase 1 (TBK1), a multi-functional enzyme with an established role in coordinating innate immune responses to viruses and other invading pathogens...

In Mouse Study, KRAS-Targeted Drug Shows Potential against Pancreatic Cancer

12 January 2023, National Cancer Institute

The new drug, known as MRTX1133, shrank tumors or halted their growth in several mouse models of human pancreatic cancer with KRAS G12D mutations, including a genetically engineered mouse model known as KPC that closely mimics the human disease...

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