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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 17 July 2023 Vol. No. 12; Issue No. 587

1. Khanna D, Budukh A, Sharma P, Shruti T, Vishwakarma R, Sharma AN, Bagal S, Vikraman SM, Vaza Y, Anand A, Chaturvedi P, Pradhan S (2023). Role of verbal autopsy in cancer registration: A mixed-methods study from the population-based cancer registry of Northern India. Tropical Medicine and International Health.

2. Raj S, Kattepur A, Shylasree TS, Mishra G, Patil A, Pimple S, Noronha S, Pramesh CS (2023). Novel educational training of para medical professionals in cervical cancer screening. Gynecologic Oncology Reports.

3. Baviskar Y, Likonda B, Pant S, Mokal S, Pawar A, Dasgupta A, Chatterjee A, Gupta T (2023). Short-course palliative hypofractionated radiotherapy in patients with poor-prognosis high-grade glioma: Survival and quality of life outcomes from a prospective phase II study. Clinical Oncology.

4. Sinha S, Kumar A, Maheshwari G, Mohanty S, Joshi K, Shinde P, Gupta D, Kale S, Phurailatpam R, Swain M, Budrukkar A, Kinhikar R, Ghosh-Laskar S (2023). Development and validation of single-optimization knowledge-based volumetric modulated arc therapy model plan in nasopharyngeal carcinomas. Advances in Radiation Oncology.

Site of the Week

Pancreatic Cancer Methylation Database is a database of methylated genes found in pancreatic cell lines and tissues.

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Interesting Reads

Anderson ND, Birch J, Accogli T, Criado I, Khabirova E, Parks C, Wood Y, Young MD, Porter T, Richardson R, Albon SJ, Popova B, Lopes A, Wynn R, Hough R, Gohil SH, Pule M, Amrolia PJ, Behjati S, Ghorashian S. Transcriptional signatures associated with persisting CD19 CAR-T cells in children with leukemia. Nat Med. 2023.

Legends of Science
Benjamin Peary Pal Benjamin Peary Pal

Benjamin Peary Pal obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1932. His pioneering work was on the genetics and breeding of superior disease-resistant wheat. He was instrumental in developing All India coordinated research projects on crops, animals and fisheries. He was the President of INSA (1975-76) and the Indian Science Congress Association. He was the Elected Fellow Member of the Royal Society of London; Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences; French Academy of Agriculture; Genetics Society of Japan; Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding; Indian Botanical Society; Horticultural Society of India and Society for the Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania. He was the recipient of the Padma Shri (1959); Padma Bhushan (1968), and Padma Vibhushan (1987). He was conferred with Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Memorial Award and GP Chatterjee Memorial Award.

Harcharan Das Tandon Harcharan Das Tandon

Harcharan Das Tandon received his PhD from Agra University in 1955. His primary contribution was the discovery of a liver disease caused by aflatoxicosis and veno-occlusive disease caused by the consumption of toxic alkaloids in the seeds of wild plants. He was a Member WHO Task Force on the Environmental Health Criteria for Mycotoxins. He received the Dr BC Roy Memorial Award; KN Rao Endowment Oration Award. He was a Member Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists, the Indian Medical Association, the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists and the National Academy of Medical Sciences.

Upcoming Events
2023 World Confernece on Lung Cancer

09-12 September, 2023

At Singapore.

The Molecular Mechanisms of Immune Cell Development and Function Conference

05-06 November, 2023

At Sacramento, California.

ESMO Immuno-Oncology Congress

06-08 December, 2023

At Geneva, Switzerland.

Do You Know?

In 1976, Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus discovered oncogenes, genes that control normal cell growth and division and can transform a normal cell into a malignant cell.

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Cancer News
Researchers pinpoint protein tied to drug resistance in patients with lung cancer

13 July 2023, MedicalXpress

A new study reveals how lung tumors may develop drug resistance over time, pointing to a protein, called APOBEC3A, that could be a promising target...

Efficient boron neutron capture therapy for brain tumor with novel boron carrier

13 July 2023, EurekAlert

Researhers demonstrated that new boron agent drastically improves the effectiveness of boron neutron capture therapy for glioblastoma. The agent is selectively absorbed by brain tumor cells, exhibits enhanced blood retention, and can be administered at low doses...

Harvard scientists uncover long-missing piece in breast cancer puzzle

13 July 2023, SciTechDaily

Researchers have identified the molecular sparkplug that ignites cases of the disease currently unexplained by the classical model of breast cancer development...

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