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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 19 June 2023 Vol. No. 12; Issue No. 583

1. Gupta SK, Gohil D, Dutta D, Panigrahi GC, Gupta P, Dalvi K, Khanka T, Yadav S, Kaushal RK, Chichra A, Punatar S, Gokarn A, Mirgh S, Jindal N, Nayak L, Tembhare PR, Hasan SK, Sandur SK, Hingorani L, Khattry N, Gota V (2023). Withaferin-A alleviates acute graft versus host disease without compromising graft versus leukemia effect. International Immunopharmacology. 121: 110437.

2. Shenoy R, Rao AR, Rane P, Noronha V, Kumar A, Pillai A, Pathak S, Gattani S, Sehgal A, Kumar S, Castelino R, Dhekale R, Krishnamurthy J, Mahajan S, Daptardar A, Sonkusare L, Deodhar J, Ansari N, Vagal M, Mahajam P, Timmanpyati S, Nokala M, Chitre A, Kapoor A, Gota V, Banavali S, Prabhash K, Ramaswamy A (2023). Validation of the Onco-MPI in predicting short-term mortality in older Indian patients with cancer. Journal of Geratric Oncology. 14(6): 101550.

3. Joshi S, Murali-Nanavati S, Shylasree TS, Hawaldar R, Tripathi S, Sahay A, Noronha J, Jain U, Thomas A, Kowtal P, Vanmali V, Nair N, Parmar V, Badwe RA, Sarin R (2023). Synchronous and Metachronous breast and ovarian cancers: Experience from a single tertiary care cancer centre in India. Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology.

4. Panda TR, Manikandan M, Vaidya SP, Chhatar S, Sinha S, Mehrotra M, Chakraborty S, Gadre S, Duari P, Ray P, Patra M (2023). The Power of kinetic inertness in improving platinum anticancer therapy by circumventing resistance and ameliorating nephrotoxicity. Angewandte Chemie.

5. Sahay A, Epari S, Chinnaswamy G, Chatterjee A, Goda JS, Patil V, Moyiadi A, Shetty P, Singh V, Sahu A, Choudhary A, Janu A, Gupta T (2023). Primary intracranial germ cell tumors: A study with an integrated clinicopathological approach. Neurology India. 71(3): 500-508.

Site of the Week

Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) provides manually curated information about chemical–gene/protein interactions, chemical–disease and gene–disease relationships.

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Interesting Reads

Herrera-Juárez M, Serrano-Gómez C, Bote-de-Cabo H, Paz-Ares L. Targeted therapy for lung cancer: Beyond EGFR and ALK. Cancer. 129(12):1803-1820.

Legends of Science
Krishna Das Bagchee Krishna Das Bagchee

Krishna Das Bagchee obtained his DSc from the University of London, UK. He specialized in Forest pathology/ Forest flora. His pioneering work was the mycology herbarium museum and culture collection. He studied the taxonomy, ecology, and pathology of lignicolous fungi that attacked trees and felled timber. He was the first to work on the taxonomy and control of rust fungi in Indian conifers. He was a member of the INSA council (1943-45) and the President of the Indian Botanical Society; Indian Phytopathological Society, and Indian Science Congress.

Ram Udar Ram Udar

Ram Udar received his PhD from the University of Lucknow in 1959. His research areas were morphology, palynology, enzymology and ultrastructure of Indian Hepaticeae. He discovered Calobryales in Hepaticeae and Buxbaumiales in mosses, the two orders in Indian Bryoflora. He was a life member of the Indian Botanical Society and Palaeobotanical Society. He was a member American Bryological Society and Lichenological Society.

Upcoming Events
European Conferences on Biomedical Optics (ECBO)

25-29 June, 2023

At Munich, Germany.

7th International Conference on Cancer Science & Therapy

12-13 July, 2023

At Hotel Mercure Paris CDG Airport & Convention, France

Molecular Analysis for Precision Oncology Congress 2023

04-06 October, 2023

At Paris, France.

Do You Know?

In 2007, FDA approved Nexavar (sorafenib) for primary liver cancer, making it the only drug approved for liver cancer.

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Cancer News
Study reveals a trio of immune cells vital in response to liver cancer immunotherapy

15 June 2023, MedicalXpress

The investigators discovered that a specific niche of immune cells in tumors may be critical for reactivating exhausted T cells and enabling them to attack liver tumors upon treatment with checkpoint blockade...

New treatment option for metastatic colorectal cancer prolongs survival

15 June 2023, EurekAlert

Results from an international clinical trial, showed that the selective targeted therapy, Fruquintinib, resulted in a statistically significant improvement in overall survival and progression-free survival...

Research explores complex relationship between cholesterol and breast cancer risk

16 June 2023, News-Medical

Cholesterol has been shown to increase cancer cell proliferation by stimulating AKT phosphorylation. LDL has also been found to stimulate the proliferation and migration of breast cancer cells...

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