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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 28 November 2022 Vol. No. 11; Issue No. 554

1. Nair NS, Gupta S, Ghosh J, Desai S, Parmar V, Shet T, Chitkara G, Siddique S, Badwe RA (2022). Access to HER2-targeted therapy at a tertiary care center in India: An evolution. Indian Journal of Cancer. 59: 375-9.

2. Birur PN, Patrick S, Warnakulasuriya S, Gurushanth K, Raghavan SA, Rath GK, Chaturvedi P, Chandru V, Mathew B, Prabhash K, Gurudath S, Mukhia N, Sunny SP, Mehrotra R, Vivek V, Patil S, Kumar G S, Fasalkar S, Pratima R, Kuriakose MA (2022). Consensus guidelines on management of oral potentially malignant disorders. Indian Journal of Cancer 59:442-53.

3. Mehta P, Sinha S, Kashid S, Chakraborty D, Mhatre R, Murthy V (2022). Exploring texture analysis to optimize bladder preservation in muscle invasive bladder cancer. Clinical Genitourinary Cancer.

4. Sali A, Shah A, Prakash G, Murthy V, Bakshi G, Joshi A, Pal M, Aggarwal A, Desai S, Menon S (2022). Predictors of pelvic lymph nodal metastasis in penile squamous cell carcinoma- Results from a matched-pair analysis. Clinical Genitourinary Cancer.

5. Khan MA, Varma AK (2022). In silico and structure-based assessment to classify VUS identified in the α-helical domain of BRCA2. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics.

6. Joshi S, Anantharaman D, Muwonge R, Bhatla N, Panicker G, Butt J, Usha Rani Reddy Poli, Malvi S, Esmy P, Lucas E, Verma Y, Shah A, Zomawia E, Pimple S, Jayant K, Hingmire S, Chiwate A, Divate U, Vashist S, Mishra G, Jadhav R, Siddiqi M, Sankaran S, Thiraviam Pillai Rameshwari Ammal Kannan, Kartha P, Shastri S, Sauvaget C, M. Radhakrishna Pillai, Waterboer T, Müller M, Sehr P, Unger E, Sankaranarayanan R, Basu P (2022). Evaluation of immune response to single dose of quadrivalent HPV vaccine at 10-year post-vaccination. Vaccine.

Site of the Week

T-Coffee is a multiple sequence alignment program. It allows to combine results obtained with several alignment methods.

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Interesting Reads

Zeng Q, Saghafinia S, Chryplewicz A, Fournier N, Christe L, Xie YQ, Guillot J, Yucel S, Li P, Galván JA, Karamitopoulou E, Zlobec I, Ataca D, Gallean F, Zhang P, Rodriguez-Calero JA, Rubin M, Tichet M, Homicsko K, Hanahan D. Aberrant hyperexpression of the RNA binding protein FMRP in tumors mediates immune evasion. Science. 378(6621): eabl7207, 2022.

Legends of Science
Toppur Seethapathy Sadasivan Toppur Seethapathy Sadasivan

Toppur Seethapathy Sadasivan obtained his Ph.D. from the University of London in 1940. His research interest included Plant virology and soil mycology. He studied soil-borne diseases affecting cash crops like cotton, pigeon pea, and rice. His significant work was the development of concepts like competitive saprophytic ability and the Rhizosphere effect, which were later utilized in classifying Hyphomycetes. He was an elected fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences; Indian National Science Academy, and Indian Science of Congress. He won the S S Bhatnagar Award (1960) and Padma Bhushan (1974). In his honor, the INSA has instituted an annual oration, Professor T S Sadasivan Endowment Lecture.

Rabindra Prasad Purkayastha Rabindra Prasad Purkayastha

Rabindra Prasad Purkayastha received his Ph.D. from the University of London in 1965. He demonstrated the use of Phytoalexins in differential resistance of rice and soya cultivars to fungal diseases. His research on the application of immunoserological technology for determining the basic compatibility factor in legume hosts and their fungal parasites was pioneering. He was an elected fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad (1995), the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi (1996), and the West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology (1989).

Upcoming Events
15th Breast Gynecological & Immunooncology International Cancer Conference

19-20 January, 2023

At Cairo, Egypt.

ASCO 2023 — Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium 2023

19-23 January, 2023

At San Francisco, United States.

Computing Skills for Reproducible Research: Data Carpentry

24-27 January, 2023

At EMBL Heidelberg.

Do You Know?

In 1992, The clinical antibody Herceptin was developed. Herceptin is regarded as a revolutionary immunotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

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Cancer News
Research team explores 'treasures' from discarded data in cancer research

23 December 2022, MedicalXpress

In this research researchers used metagenomic tools to explore genomic cancer data; additional annotations were used to explore differentially expressed ncRNAs from miRNA experiments, and variants in adjacent to tumor samples from RNA-seq experiments were also investigated...

Novel nanoparticles deliver innovative cancer chemoimmunotherapy

24 December 2022, EurekAlert

The new immunotherapy approach silences a gene that the researchers discovered was involved in immunosuppression. When combined with an existing chemotherapy drug and packaged into tiny nanoparticles, the therapy shrunk tumors in mouse models of colon and pancreatic cancer...

MicroRNAs can help predict disease recurrence in breast cancer patients

24 December 2022, Technology Networks

Researchers at University of Galway have determined that biomarkers known as microRNAs can help predict which patients with breast cancer are likely to face a recurrence of the disease and death...

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