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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 29th August 2022 Vol. No. 11; Issue No. 541

1. Mittal N, Patil A, Singhal P, Bal MM, Rane SU, Thiagarajan S (2022). Histoplasmosis of the Head and Neck Region Mimicking Malignancy: A Clinic-Pathological Predicament. Turkish Journal of Patology.

2. Pinto AS, Tambe M, D'Silva SZ, Singh M (2022). Identification of the novel HLA-B*51:01:01:108 allele and confirmation of HLA-B*40:387 in two Indian individuals. HLA.

3. Sengar M, Pramesh CS, Mehndiratta A, Shah S, Munshi A, Vijaykumar DK, Puri A, Mathew B, Arora RS, Kumari T P, Deodhar K, Menon S, Epari S, Shetty O, Cluzeau F (2022). Ensuring quality in contextualised cancer management guidelines for resource-constraint settings: using a systematic approach. BMJ Global Health. 7(8):e009584.

4. Sandbhor P, Goda JS, Mohanty B, Chaudhari P, Dutt S, Banerjee R (2022). Bio-polymeric transferrin-targeted temozolomide nanoparticles in gel for synergistic post-surgical GBM therapy. Nanoscale.

5. Gulia S, Kannan S, Ghosh J, Rath S, Maheshwari A, Gupta S (2022). Maintenance therapy with a poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor in patients with newly diagnosed advanced epithelial ovarian cancer: individual patient data and trial-level meta-analysis. ESMO Open. 7(5): 100558.

6. Antony D, Ahire S, Ingle A (2022). Maximising modern diagnostic approaches to assess genetic contamination in laboratory rodents. Indian Veterinary Journal. 99(7): 24-34.

7. Nimbalkar VK, Gangar J, Shai S, Rane P, Mohanta SK, Kannan S, Ingle A, Mittal N, Rane S, Mahimkar MB. Prevention of carcinogen-induced oral cancers by polymeric black tea polyphenols via modulation of EGFR-Akt-mTOR pathway. Scientific Reports. 12(1):14516.

Site of the Week

Microbial Genomes resource presents public data from prokaryotic genome sequencing projects.

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Interesting Reads

Carnevale J, Shifrut E, Kale N, Nyberg WA, Blaeschke F, Chen YY, Li Z, Bapat SP, Diolaiti ME, O'Leary P, Vedova S, Belk J, Daniel B, Roth TL, Bachl S, Anido AA, Prinzing B, Ibañez-Vega J, Lange S, Haydar D, Luetke-Eversloh M, Born-Bony M, Hegde B, Kogan S, Feuchtinger T, Okada H, Satpathy AT, Shannon K, Gottschalk S, Eyquem J, Krenciute G, Ashworth A, Marson A. RASA2 ablation in T cells boosts antigen sensitivity and long-term function. Nature. 2022

Legends of Science
Shiv Raj Kumar Chopra Shiv Raj Kumar Chopra

Shiv Raj Kumar Chopra earned his Ph.D. from the University of Zurich in 1955. His significant contributions are studying human growth, primate locomotion, and paleoanthropology. His work on primates helped clarify the phylogenetic relationships between higher and lower primates. He documented the crucial stages in the evolutionary tree of early human beings. He designed a pelvimeter, an instrument for measuring angles in primates' pelvis and other bones, including humans. He was a member of the Permanent Council of the International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences; the National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad; the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland; the Zoological Society of London; the American Anthropological Association, and the International Primatological Society.

Sachi Prasad Raychaudhuri Sachi Prasad Raychaudhuri

Sachi Prasad Ray-Chaudhuri received his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh, the UK, in 1940. He has done pioneering work teaching and researching animal genetics and cytogenetics. He studied the fundamental cytogenetical problems using the chromosomes of the germ cells of animals both under normal conditions and after physical and chemical treatments. He was the head of the Department of Zoology at the Banaras Hindu University from 1960, and his skills resulted in this department becoming a model for Zoology Departments in the country. Dr. Raychaudhuri was conferred with Sunder Lal Hora Medal by INSA in 1987.

Upcoming Events
Gene Expression and Signaling in the Immune System

01-05 November, 2022

At New York, USA.

Novel Approches Against Emerging Antimicrobial Resistance

04-07 December, 2022

At Fairmont Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada.

British Society for Immunology Congress 2022

05-08 December, 2022

At Liverpool, UK.

Do You Know?

In 2005, Researchers discovered that patients with tumors carrying a specific alteration in gene known as MGMT benfit from temozolomide(Temodar) therapy.

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Cancer News
Pancreatic Cancer

22 August 2022, National Cancer Institute

A protein called collagen, which provides structure to tissues, is found almost everywhere in the human body, from the skin to the bones. Pancreatic cancer cells can also produce their own misshapen collagen, a new study has found...

Organ-development discovery could boost battle against cancer

28 August 2022, EurekAlert

Organ-development discovery could boost battle against cancer. EurekAlert, 24/08/2022 A new discovery from the University of Virginia School of Medicine has shed light on how our digestive tract, lungs and liver form, and that finding could have important implications for understanding of cancer...

New pediatric tumor identifications could help predict chemo response

25 August 2022, MedicalXpress

From nine samples, the researchers identified five hepatoblastoma tumor signatures that may account for the heterogeneity in this cancer, and that may predict responses to chemotherapy treatments...

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