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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 30 January 2023 Vol. No. 12; Issue No. 563

1. Bagal B, Sarma R, Dey S, Nayak L, Bonda A, Goda J, Khanna N, Dasgupta A, Kakoti S, Chatarjee A, Jain H, Epari S, Laskar S, Sengar M, Gupta T (2023). Lenalidomide following whole-brain radiotherapy in patients with primary central nervous system lymphoma ineligible for intensive systemic therapy. British Journal of Haematology.

2. Koppikar S, Oakin A, Babu KG, Lorusso D, Gupta S, We L-Y, Rajabto W, Harano K, Hong S-H, Malik RA, Strebel H, Aggarwal IM, Lai C-H, Dejthevaporn T, Tangjitgamol S, Cheng WF, Chay WY, Benavides D, Hashim NM, Moon YW, Yunokawa M, Anggraeni TD, Wei W, Curigalina G, Maheshwari A, Mahantshetty U, Sheshadri S, Peters S, Yoshino T, Pentheroudakis G (2023). Pan-Asian adapted ESMO clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with endometrial cancer. ESMO Open. 8(1): 10074.

3. Natu A, Pedgaonkar A, Gupta S (2023). Mitochondrial dysfunction and chromatin changes with autophagy-mediated survival in doxorubicin resistant cancer cell lines. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.

4. Reddy BRC,Musale D, Kadam D, Lanjekar K, Ogale G, Bhise M, Gore S, Chaturvedi P, Dikshit R, Budukh A (2023). Challenges faced by tobacco quitline services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Substance Use

Mukund Sudharasan MG. 2022. Structure of Gankyrin interaction network and their role in oncogenesis.(LIFE09201404003) (Guide: Dr Prasanna Venkatraman)

Site of the Week

The Complex Portal is a manually curated, encyclopaedic resource of macromolecular complexes from a number of key model organisms.

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Interesting Reads

Rizzato M, Mao F, Chardon F, Lai KY, Villalonga-Planells R, Drexler HCA, Pesenti ME, Fiskin M, Roos N, King KM, Li S, Gamez ER, Greune L, Dersch P, Simon C, Masson M, Van Doorslaer K, Campos SK, Schelhaas M. Master mitotic kinases regulate viral genome delivery during papillomavirus cell entry. Nat Commun. 14(1): 355, 2023.

Legends of Science
Baji Vinayak Thosar Baji Vinayak Thosar

Baji Vinayak Thosar obtained his PhD from Birmingham University, UK. His interest was in nuclear physics and solid-state physics. His pioneering work included positron Annihilation, beta-ray spectroscopy, development of an empirical 'free volume' model to explain the correlation between the intensity and the long-lived component in the decay of the ortho-positronium. Dr Thosar was the elected fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and President Indian Science Congress (1969). He was the President Maharashtra Academy of Sciences (1982-85).

Vishnu Ganesh Bhide Vishnu Ganesh Bhide

Vishnu Ganesh Bhide received his PhD from the University of London, UK. His pioneering research was in Mossbauer Spectroscopy, and another research topic was the field of alternate energy sources. He was the Director International Solar Energy Society. He was the President Indian Science Congress in 1971; elected Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy. He received the Sir C.V. Raman Award; the Meghnad Saha Memorial Award, and the Padma Shri in 1992.

Upcoming Events
10th European Congress on Head and Neck Oncology

08-11 March, 2023

At Lisbon Congress Centre, Portugal.

Inernational Conference on Surgical Cancer Care

22-25 March, 2023

At Boston, MA.

AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) Annual Meeting 2023

14-19 April, 2023

At Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida.

Do You Know?

In 1964, Drs. Harry Shwachman and Louis Diamond were the first to describe Shwachman-Diamond syndrome, a rare, inherited blood disorder.

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Cancer News
Actin affects the spread of cancer in several ways

24 January 2023, EurekAlert

Actin filaments are part of the cell skeleton and essential for stability and motility. They form a network that dynamically builds up and gets broken down by the addition or detachment of building blocks at the filaments’ ends...

Researchers identify possible approach to prevent cancer from evolving to resist treatment

26 January 2023, MedicalXpress

Through analysis of tumor biopsies taken from patients before targeted therapy and then at the time of clinical relapse, the team found that the melanoma genome can undergo extensive 'shattering and re-stitching' in response to targeted therapy in a process called chromothripsis...

Researchers identify molecular mechanism connected to cancer, heart disease

26 January 2023, Pharmacy Times

Researchers conducted structural analyses that revealed the formation of a complex of 3 PCSK9 partner proteins, including the LDL receptors, CAP1, and HLA-C. HLA-C was found to play a very important role, directing the entire complex toward the lysosomes...

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