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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 30th May 2022 Vol. No. 11; Issue No. 528

1. Mohanty P, Shetty D, Liehr T, Mrasek K, Khattry N (2022). Intrachromosomal amplification of BCR expressed as homogenously staining region (hsr) in a case of acute myeloid leukemia with myelodysplasia-related changes. International Journal of Laboratory Hematology.

2. Sulkshane P, Teni T (2022). Myeloid cell leukemia-1: a formidable barrier to anticancer therapeutics and the quest of targeting it. Exploration of Targeted Anti-tumor Therapy. 3: 278–96.

3. Rajak J, Tambe M, Phuntsok T, D'Silva SZ, Singh M (2022). The novel HLA-B*07:461 allele and confirmation of the HLA-C*15:193 allele in individuals from Eastern India. HLA.

4. Khamkar V, Narasimhan M, Govekar R (2022). Improved identification of hydrophobic proteins by optimization of LC conditions within the LC-MS Run - A practical strategy for scanty clinical samples. Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research. 43(4): 34886-34892.

5. Noronha V, Patil VM, Menon NS, Joshi A, Goud S, More S, Kannan S, Pawar A, Nakti D, Yadav A, Shah S, Mahajan A, Janu A, Kumar R, Tibdewal A, Mummudi N, Agarwal JP, Banavali SD, Prabhash K (2022). Oral metronomic chemotherapy after definitive chemoradiation in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: A randomized clinical trial. Esophagus.

6. Srinivasan S, Dasgupta A, Chatterjee A, Baheti A, Engineer R, Gupta T, Murthy V (2022). The promise of magnetic resonance imaging in radiation oncology practice in the management of brain, prostate, and GI malignancies. JCO Global Oncology.

Site of the Week

The Electron Microscopy Public Image Archive (EMPIAR) is a public resource for raw images underpinning 3D cryo-EM maps and tomograms.

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Interesting Reads

Seitz S, Dreyer TF, Stange C, Steiger K, Bräuer R, Scheutz L, Multhoff G, Weichert W, Kiechle M, Magdolen V, Bronger H. CXCL9 inhibits tumour growth and drives anti-PD-L1 therapy in ovarian cancer. Br J Cancer. 126(10):1470-1480, 2022.

Legends of Science
Dinakar Mashnu Salunke Dinakar Mashnu Salunke

Dinakar Mashnu Salunke obtained his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in 1983. The primary research done by Dr. Salunke is understanding the physiological processes of self-nonself discrimination in terms of Physico-chemical principles of molecular interactions. He provided molecular insights into functional mimicry in the context of an immune response. He was the elected fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, and the National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad. Dr. Salunke was conferred with the SS Bhatnagar Award in 2000 and the National Bioscience Award in 1999.

Vishweshwaraiah Prakash Vishweshwaraiah Prakash

Vishweshwaraiah Prakash, a structural biologist, received his Ph.D. from the University of Mysore in 1976. His extensive research is in the structural homology of seed proteins bearing on ligand binding and the association-dissociation and denaturation profiles of these proteins. He was an elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences in 1995; the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 1998, and the National Academy of Sciences in 2002. Dr. Prakash was awarded the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award in 1996; Padma Shri in 2004; Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 from the Government of Karnataka and the Lifetime Achievement Award of SCI, UK in 2013.

Upcoming Events
Gordon Research Conference — Immunometabolism in Health and Disease

19-24 June, 2022

At Bryant University, Smithfield, United States

Bioengineering Solutions for Biology and Medicine

04-06 July, 2022

At Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Munich, Germany

EMBO Lecture Course — Functional nucleic acids: Recent Landscapes and therapeutic applications

16-19 August, 2022

At Faridabad, India

Do You Know?

In 2006, Using advanced molecular classification techniques to examine tumor samples, researchers discovered distinct subtypes of high-grade astrocytoma tumors (a form of glioma).

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Cancer News
Cell-free DNA methylation used to predict chemo benefit in bladder cancer

26 May 2022, EurekAlert

After patients underwent surgery, doctors examined the tumors removed to determine whether they had shrunk in response to chemotherapy. Each patient’s cancer was then classified as having responded or not responded to the chemotherapy...

Desmoplastic melanoma responds to PD-1 blockade immunotherapy

27 May 2022, MedicalXpress

Desmoplastic melanoma is a rare form of malignant skin cancer that occurs on sun-exposed areas of the body. It's a cancer in which local relapse is common, so the standard of care is surgery with wide excision margins followed by radiation therapy...

Blood Disorder Treatment Awakens "Sleeping" Cancer Gene

27 May 2022, Technology Networks

The research team analysed the bone marrow samples of 68 patients with MDS, taken before and after their HMA treatment. The scientists found that HMA therapy could result in the activation of the SALL4 oncogene, leading to poor survival outcome for patients, even those in complete disease remission...

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