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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 18th December 2023 Vol. No. 12 ; Issue No. 609

1. Bhatla N, Muwonge R, Malvi SG, Joshi S, Poli URR, Lucas E, Esmy PO, Verma Y, Shah A, Zomawia E, Pimple S, Jayant K, Hingmire S, Chiwate A, Vashist S, Mishra G, Jadhav R, Siddiqi M, Anantharaman D, Panicker G, Butt J, Sankaran S, Kannan TPRA, Varghese R, Kartha P, Pillai MR, Waterboer T, Müller M, Sehr P, Unger ER, Sankaranarayanan R, Basu P (2023). Impact of age at vaccination and cervical HPV infection status on binding and neutralizing antibody titers at 10 years after receiving single or higher doses of quadrivalent HPV vaccine. Human Vaccines Immunotherapeutics. 19(3): 2289242 .

2. Laibl S, André F, Bachelot T...Guarneri V, Gupta S...Harbeck N on behalf of the ESMO Guidelines Committe (2023). Early breast cancer: ESMO Clinical Practice Guideline for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Annals of Oncology.

3. Biswas S, Anadon CM, Conejo-Garcia JR (2023). Antibodies target intracellular oncodrivers through PIGR-mediated transcytosis. Genes & Immunity.

4. Roy Moulik N, Keerthivasagam S, Pandey A, Agiwale J, Hegde K, Chatterjee G, Dhamne C, Prasad M, Chichra A, Srinivasan S, Mohanty P, Jain H, Shetty D, Tembhare P, Patkar N, Narula G, Subramanian PG, Banavali S. (2023) Treatment and follow-up of children with chronic myeloid leukaemia in chronic phase (CML-CP) in the tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) era-Two decades of experience from the Tata Memorial Hospital paediatric CML (pCML) cohort. British Journal of Haematology. .

5. Ambulkar R, Baskar V, Patkar S, Kunte A, Agarwal V, Solanki S, Divatia J (2023). Evaluation of perioperative routine coagulation testing versus thromboelastography for major liver resection – A single arm, prospective, interventional trial (PORTAL trial). Indian Journal of Anaesthesia. 67: 1077-83.

6. Jindal N, C M, Mathew LJ, Kumbhalwar K, Patel K, Garg M, Mirgh S, Chichra A, Nayak L, Bonda A, Gokarn A, Punatar S, Bagal B, Khattry N (2023). Fertility outcomes in patients desiring conception following autologous stem cell transplantation for hodgkin lymphoma using LACE conditioning. Bone Marrow Transplantation.

7. Trivedi B, Chawathey SA, Pinjari AN, Kataria KK (2023). Intraoperative diagnosis of bilateral upper limb arteriovenous fistulae in a child: A case report. A & A Practice. 17(12): e01738.

8. Thota R, Seshadri R, Singh S, Damani A, Wajekar A, Koyyalagunta L (2023).A systematic review and quality analysis of cancer pain guidelines. Indian Journal of Anaesthesia 67(12): 1051-1060.

9. Arun B, Joshi M, Kakkar AK, Madki S, Ivaturi V, Chinnaswamy G, Banavali S, Gota V (2023). Bioequivalence study followed by model-informed dose optimization of a powder for oral suspension of 6-mercaptopurine. Pediatric Blood & Cancer.

Site of the Week

MEROPS database is an information resource for peptidases (also termed proteases, proteinases and proteolytic enzymes) and the proteins that inhibit them

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Interesting Reads

Nakamizo S, Sugiura Y, Ishida Y, Ueki Y, Yonekura S, Tanizaki H, Date H, Yoshizawa A, Murata T, Minatoya K, Katagiri M, Nomura S, Komuro I, Ogawa S, Nakajima S, Kambe N, Egawa G, Kabashima K. Activation of the pentose phosphate pathway in macrophages is crucial for granuloma formation in sarcoidosis. J Clin Invest. 133(23): e171088.

Video of the Week
AI and Clinical Practice- Predictive AI and Early Clinical Detection
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6th DNA Repair/Replication Structures and Cancer Conference

February 14-18, 2024

At at Cancun, Mexico

Genomics India Conference 2024

February 1-4, 2024,

At Shiv Nadar Institution Of Eminence, Delhi NCR

6th Indian Cancer Genetics Conference & Workshop

21–25th February, 2024,

At Advanced Centre for Treatment Research & Education in Cancer (ACTREC), Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), Navi Mumbai

Do You Know?

In 1829, Gynecologist Joseph Recamier described the invasion of the bloodstream by cancer cells, coining the term metastasis.

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Cancer News
Breakthrough Nutraceutical ‘AKTOCYTE’ by the Department of Atomic Energy set to transform cancer care.

Press Information Bureau, 13/12/2023

Breakthrough Nutraceutical ‘AKTOCYTE’ by the Department of Atomic Energy set to transform cancer care. Press Information Bureau, 13/12/2023 The AKTOCYTE tablets have shown remarkable results, particularly in pelvic cancer patients suffering from radiotherapy-induced Cystitis (Blood in urine). Patients treated with AKTOCYTE tablets demonstrated an extraordinary recovery, eliminating the need for surgical removal of the urinary bladder...

MYC protein helps cancer to take its vitamins

Nature, 12/12/2023

Identifying nutrient dependencies of cancer cells is crucial for developing new therapies. The discovery that an aggressive type of cancer cell has a high uptake of vitamin B5 sheds light on the link between vitamin availability and tumour growth...

Indian researchers reveal key to enhancing immunity against cancer.

India Today, 12/12/2023

Indian researchers reveal key to enhancing immunity against cancer. India Today, 12/12/2023 Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) delved into boosting immunotherapy in non-responsive cancer cells.The study delves into the intricate role of Interferon-gamma (IFN-γ), a cytokine critical for immune response, and its interaction with various cancer cells…

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