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Science Sparks @ ACTREC
Date Image 25th December 2023 Vol. No. 12 ; Issue No.610

1. Jaganmurugan R, Arora A, chandankhede U, Prakash G, Bakshi G, Joshi A, Menon S, Murthy V, Pal M (2023). Prognostic significance of lymph node density in pathological Node positive urothelial carcinoma of the bladder -Upfront surgery and post neoadjuvant chemotherapy cohorts. Clinical Genitourinary Cancer.

2. Dubey S , Mishra N, Shelke R, Varma AK (2023). Mutations at proximal cysteine residues in PML impair ATO binding by destabilizing the RBCC domain. FEBS Journal.

3. Das RP, Gandhi KA, Singh BG, Gota V, Kunwar A (2023). Preparation of protein nanoparticles using diselenide functionalized gelatin for redox responsive release of doxorubicin. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology.

4. Multani K, Jain K, Velayutham P, Shetty P, Singh V, Moiyadi A (2023). Awake mapping of supplementary motor area networks for maximal safe resection of left superior frontal gyrus low-grade glioma. 71(6): 1150-1154.

5. Ambulkar R, Gholap S, Salunkhe B, Bakshi S (2023). Audit of pain management after colorectal surgeries in a tertiary care cancer hospital. Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology.

6. Shabrish S, Pal K, Khare N, Satsangi D, Pilankar A, Jadhav V, Shinde S, Raphael N, Sriram G, Lopes R, Raghuram G, Tandel H, Mittra I (2023). Cell-free chromatin particles released from dying cancer cells activate immune checkpoints in human lymphocytes: Implications for cancer therapy. Frontiers in Immunology.

Site of the Week

Translate is a tool which allows the translation of a nucleotide (DNA/RNA) sequence to a protein sequence.

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Interesting Reads

Huang D, Zhu X, Ye S, Zhang J, Liao J, Zhang N, Zeng X, Wang J, Yang B, Zhang Y, Lao L, Chen J, Xin M, Nie Y, Saw PE, Su S, Song E. Tumour circular RNAs elicit anti-tumour immunity by encoding cryptic peptides. Nature.

Video of the Week
EMBL keynote lecture: The colliding ribosome as a hub for translational regulation.
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1st International Conference on Polyploid Giant Cancer Cells: Biology and Clinical Applications

February 16-17, 2024

At MD Anderson - Duncan Building, Houston, TX

An Asia Pacific Cell Therapy Conference and Hands-on Workshop Series SACT-2024

Febraury 1-3, 2024

At at CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Navi Mumbai

3rd International Global Cancer Consortium Conference

February 3 - 5, 2024

At Advanced Centre for Treatment Research & Education in Cancer (ACTREC), Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), Navi Mumbai

Do You Know?

In 1979, Researcher found the first cancer causing gene, an oncogene in human bladder cancer.

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Cancer News
Study sheds light on enzyme's role in advanced prostate cancer progression

News-Medical, 21/12/2023

The research team showed in cells in a petri dish and in mice that adding methyl groups (a carbon atom bound to three hydrogen atoms) to the MAP kinase is probably SMYD3's role in driving metastasis. Experiments with inactivated SMYD3 were much less likely to lead to metastasis...

Localized genetic mutations may serve as biomarker for wide range of cancers

MedicalXpress, 21/12/2023

In the current study, the investigators utilized CRISPR gene editing to identify the precise molecular mechanisms in cancer cell lines with MLL4 mutations. By applying immunohistochemistry techniques on tissue samples from patients with bladder cancer, the scientists found that MLL4 mutations localize to the cytoplasm of the cancer cells...

Researchers uncover on/off switch for breast cancer metastasis.

Eurekalert, 20/12/2023

Researchers found that a protein called ENPP1 acts as an on/off switch that controls breast cancer’s ability to both resist immunotherapy and metastasize. showed that ENPP1 is produced by cancer cells and by healthy cells in and around the tumor, and that high patient ENPP1 levels are linked to immunotherapy resistance and subsequent metastases…

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