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Detection of micro-metastasis in lymph nodes of pathologically diagnosed node negative (pN0) tumours using immunohistochemistry based anti-keratin antibodies

 Nodal micrometasis

The incidence of occult node metastasis is about 15-34% in oral cancer patients. Occult disease means patient’s body is harboring the disease but it remains undetected during histopathological analysis. This indicates that conventional histopathology is not sensitive enough to detect micrometastasis. Hence, in this study, we have planned to use anti-keratin antibody based sensitive approach to detect micrometastasis in pathologically diagnosed negative nodes. Here, the approach is simple that lymphatic cells do not express keratins, however, tumour cells originating from epithelium express keratins. Hence, the invaded tumour cells in the lymph nodes will stain positively for the keratin antibodies (AE1, AE3) on paraffin sections, which can be easily detected under light microscope. This study can help to detect micrometastasis in the pathologically diagnosed negative nodes.

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