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Principal Investigator

Dr. Abhijit De

Principal Investigator

Honors and Recognitions

Invention on BRET technology was granted patent right from US Patent office and is licensed from Stanford University, USA

Research Interests

Preclinical Molecular Imaging and Cancer 


The research involves miniaturized medical imaging equipments suitable for testing experimental concepts in small animal models, which can be directly translated into imaging-guided clinical applications to serve both cancer diagnosis and personalized therapy.

The lab is to take advantage of the preclinical imaging tools for understanding various aspects of the cellular processes; It is working on therapeutic evaluation of gene targeted radiotherapy and nanotherapeutics for breast and oral cancers.

The lab is developing optical imaging based tools for live monitoring of various cellular protein functions such as protein-protein interactions, protein phosphorylation and protease activation etc. Beside the research efforts we foster teaching and training of young researchers in these areas.

Among the various non-invasive tools, currently They are using imaging approaches involving positron emitting radioisotope based micro Positron Emission Tomography (microPET), X-ray diffraction based micro Computed Tomography (microCT) and visible range light signals based optical imaging (techniques based on bioluminescence and fluorescence). Biological molecules can be linked directly or indirectly to such signal emitting moieties/ molecules and there in vivo dynamics can be followed using one of these modalities suitable for capturing such signals.

Lab Members

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Office Contact

Dr. Abhijit De

KS-325, 326, Advance Centre for Treatment Research & Education in Cancer, Tata Memorial Centre, (ACTREC), Plot No. 1 & 2, Sector 22, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai-410210. Maharashtra India.+91 (022) 2740 5000/ 6873 5000 Extn-5038 Lab Website

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