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Nileema Khapare

Usha Patel

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Nileema Khapare

Scientific Assistant

I have done my Chemistry and master's degree (Msc) in Biotechnology from Kirti college, Dadar. I have also completed D.M.L.T. course from Haffkine Institute, Parel, Mumbai.
I am working at ACTREC as a Scientific Assistant. My project focuses on cytoskeletal and desmosomal proteins functions in tumour biology. I have been studying the role of desmosomal proteins, Plakophilin3 and Plakoglobin in cell-cell adhesion and desmosomal assembly. I am also interested in studying the role of Plakophilin3 in tumour progression and metastasis in colon cancer.
Travelling and visiting different tourist places across India.

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