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Molecular Markers for the detection and progression of Cervical Cancer


The biological behavior of invasive cervical cancer, a leading cause of cancer related deaths in women is not always predictable. Even when the disease is localized to the cervix, 15-20% patients have recurrences. The present study is designed as a multi-centric one with 4 leading centers-ACTREC/TMC (Navi-Mumbai), ICPO (Noida), NCBS (Bangalore) and RGCB (thiruvananthapuram), to analyze the expression of select markers, which have been shown in isolated studies to be of relevance in the HPV mediated cervical carcinogenesis. Biological markers including apoptosis related protein bcl-2, transcription factors, NF-kB and AP-1 and cell cycle regulator, p53 are being analyzed in subjects including normal women and patients with differing extents of disease, spread all over the country at four different centers. Analysis of normal (36 samples), preinvasive (29 samples) and invasive (50 samples) cervical tissues indicated overexpression of p53 and NFkB proteins in preinvasive and invasive cervical tissue samples as compared to that in normal cervix (Fig). It is hoped that the combined data obtained from such a study will be uniform, facilitate information exchange and be useful in evaluation of treatment results as well as be able to forecast an outcome.

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