Surgical Oncology


Officer in charge : Dr. Sudhir Nair


The department of Surgical Oncology has been providing continued care to a wide range of cancer patients. This includes inpatient care as well as outpatient clinics. The department conducts regular OPDs for breast, head and neck and neurosurgery. The breast surgical service has regular OPDs 5 days a week and offers all major surgical procedures. The head and neck service conducts limited outpatient clinics from Monday to Thursday and full day clinic on Fridays and provides surgical treatment at ACTREC. Advanced diagnostics including digital mammography, MRI and PET-CT scan and supportive interventional radiology, medical oncology and radiation oncology services enable comprehensive treatment for breast and head and neck cancer patients at ACTREC. The operation theatre complex underwent complete renovation last year in a phased manner, causing a reduction in the number of the working operating theatres. However, the renovated OT complex with five operation theatres became fully functional from 26 th December 2018. The service will run five regular operating theatres five days a week and two operating theatres during Saturdays. The neurosurgical services offer intra-operative neurophysiologic monitoring and image guided surgeries, which help to perform safer surgeries in patients with tumors in eloquent areas. The GI services have expanded its activities over last year with regular performance of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery and other complex surgeries like excentration.


Despite disruption in service due OT renovation, more than 1500 major procedures have been performed in 2018. This included major surgeries in Breast (666), head and neck (326), GI (367), Urology (62), Paediatrics (23), and Gynaec-Oncology (70). The breast (6395) and head and neck (2467) had more than 8500 OPD consultations.


The faculty members are involved in several DMG coordinated research projects with scientists at ACTREC, alongside their counterparts at TMH and collaborators at other institutes such as IIT-Bombay and BARC. The division of neurosurgery has a joint project with the Department of Remote sensing and Robotics, BARC, Mumbai to develop an indigenous robotic stereotactic system and have now setup an experimental OT at ACTREC for testing this robotic system on phantoms. The division of plastic surgery has got all the required permissions to start an anatomy dissection lab at ACTREC.


Departmental faculty members are actively involved in various capacities in national and international bodies/ associations and presented their clinical research findings in numerous national/international conferences and workshops during the year 2018.

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