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This year, the research fraternity of ACTREC introduces the 19th NRSM conference with the theme, 'Shape-Shifters in Biology' where we hope to offer a platform for the exchange of ideas on versatile and multi-dimensional outlooks in life sciences, research, and medicine.

The conference is divided into a set of talks and panel discussions given by eminent Scientists and leading personnel in diverse fields of biological sciences. Our speakers include Scientists working on the plastic nature of cells, and structural dynamics in proteins, elucidating how abnormalities in these can result in disease phenotypes and development of strategies to tackle them by different interventions. The conference will also include Scientists who will speak on the plasticity of cells involved in brain development as well as the dynamic changes that are associated with aging. Besides, this our panel of speakers include clinicians who will elaborate on pathological morphometric phenotypes and paradigm shifts in treatment modalities of Cancer in the past couple of decades.

This year we have introduced a young speaker category for people who have contributed with distinction to the field of science at an early stage of their career. Following the tradition of NRSM, we have invited motivational speakers to inspire and encourage students through their own journey, to give an outlook on life from a unique perspective to help students think outside the box in their own lives.

We invite keenly interested students pursuing under-graduation, post-graduation, doctoral and post-doctoral studies to participate in NRSM 2023 and share their thoughts, and rationale behind their research developments, and challenges in scientific research in the form of posters and oral presentations on this platform to make it an integrative program. Along with that, selected abstracts will be published as citable abstracts in the Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology.

Finally, we are also happy to encourage participants to showcase their creative and artistic talents in the form of scientific photography, art, and creative writing (poem or essay) at our “Creative Corner” event by submitting their entries. This will be followed by a Cultural event in the evening.

We are looking forward to the novel ideas and insightful discussions that will be brought forward by the participants and speakers. For further details or queries feel free to contact us.

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