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The library offers various services to all its in house members on request and in anticipation.

Borrowing facility

The library provides borrowing facility to all its registered users and registration is permissible only to the TMC members.

Inter library loan (ILL)

Strong network with national and neighbouring libraries enabled TMC users to access scientific literature available in these libraries. Consult Librarian to avail anysource from nearby libraries.

Internet access facility

WiFi enabled library provides high speed access to Internet on Laptops and hanheld devices six dedicated nodes ease research activities in the library. Laptop users should take prior permission before connecting to internet


Library sends vital messages as 'e-alerts' to all its institutional email users to keep abreast about latest happenings in the the field of health and cacner research. Keep a watch on all mails sent by library to get updated on important scientific information.

User orientation

Library organises orientation programmes to its members on regular frequency. It also arranges special talks on new concepts and newly introduced services. Apart from regular ones interested users may request the library to arrange for special orientation programmes.

Science Sparks at ACTREC (SSA)

The weekly news letter covering latest publications of staff, cancer news , legends of science sections, major databases , events and many more.

Bibliographic service

Library helps in compiling bibliography of publications on a particular topic on request for internal users. Specific topic search for literature is also provided

Reference service

A team of professionals is available in library to assist and to take the user to the desired information source.

Identification of Impact Factors/Citations received by articles

Professionals available in the library assist the user in identifying Impact Factors of journals, Citations received by an article or Citations received by publications of a scientist through various sources.

Specific topic search for literature is also provided.

New Arrivals

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